January Bud of the Month contest 2019


Thanks so much! I appreciate it!


Columbian gold!


@Pizmopete only ILGM genetics are allowed to be considered for BOM. Sorry :v::bear:


Wonder why there are so few entries??


These are the bud of the month contests to win free seeds. Must be ILGM genetics and you must post your order number to be eligible.


Super Silver Haze order #19077


Last 20 Crystals what i had. Hard road, but now 90days in flower outcome is fantastic.
Grown man fist size buds.
Aaarh… Just drying/cure to wait those monster.s.
Ah yeah, Order nr is 257240


Wow that is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful man :heart_eyes:


Thank you :clinking_glasses:
Hard work/care what matters.


Beautiful bud! I love the color contrast! :exploding_head:


Seriously sweet color fade! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


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So sorry I got the seeds elsewhere but I do have a lot of ILGM SEEDS.


Size 11 shoe for reference 300830 order number
White widow


Looks like half pound plant!


Entries for January BOM are officially closed @ 12:00 EST tonight.

Thanks for all you entries. 2h 25m and countdown.


I love this one. For me personally I get nothing extra from rainbow colors. I judge by what appears to be the densest, most crystalline, healthiest, perfectly matured, plant worshipping the light. First and foremost it looks super potent and it looks rock hard. If it’s Larfy, loose, too leafy, or lacking crystals, it does nothing for me. THIS is a bud!! Tie for my favorite.


This is my other tie for favorite! So sugary and dense! Looks amazing!


@Hogmaster is this the end or is there going to be a pole for voting?


There will be a poll and keep in mind that only votes in the poll count. be patient; I am sure Hog will set up our poll asap.