January Bud of the Month contest 2019


Entries are open for January, and will close at midnight on the 21st.

Good Luck to all and Happy growing! :slight_smile:


Happy New Year everyone. My submission for this month is from my first grow here almost two years ago and it’s
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Order #137916 I’ll be growing more of this strain in 2019.


ORDER #327486 Blueberry auto


What great color!
Love the purple bud with red hairs!


Blackberry kush #282558


How are you getting them to spit those colors? None of my phenos went dark like that!!

ILGM bud of the month chat room 2019

Hello! My submission is my very first grow. My Auto Blueberry Bud.


Bruce banner order #331739


Power Plant - Order 321930


gorilla glue #4, order number 319990


Sunning color fade and gorgeous bud!


Order #233134 Train Wreck


Black Widow
Order # 283578


Wow! Pretty. Does that breed have a touch of ruderalis? If not is there an ILGM strain that does?


Strawberry Kush order #248093


Beautiful colors :heart_eyes:


Super Skunk feminized order #301024


GSCE order #331104
I didn’t like the last picture so I deleted and reentered. I adore this strain! Help me get those free seeds folks! Papa needs another strain!


@latewood How come I can leave a review for my GSCE purchase but can’t seem to upload a corresponding image? I think this is a pretty stellar pic of a pretty stellar example of the strain. Might be a good image to represent to future customers ya know? Thanks for any how to’s in advance.


Great picture indeed, I totally understand you want to share this! So I helped you out and manually added the picture to your review. :smile: