January 21 pop all three


I don’t know if I would ever make it to work with a view like that.


Swim up to the pot bar, break off a nugg and pipe up right in the pool


These are a indoor grow and auto skittlez to the right. Gelato in the middle. And wedding cake to the left. First time from seed. Had a guy who got me started last Halloween with 2 going into flower

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I like to bring them out and let them get the natural light when possible

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HARVEST TIME. This is the smallest out of the 3 Gelato.

This the plan when the kids are not around lol

Your too kind . I do indoor and like to bring them outside on nice days. I won’t be able to do it much longer. I live in the south it will get to hot and humid

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I don’t really grow outdoors at all, but I imagine that would be challenging.

5/29/2021 update

Wedding cake auto

Skittlez auto