January 2018 BOM contest. Happy New year!


Well voting has started so i will throw mine out there as well
Remember just tag the person your voting for no extra chit chat untill voting is closed
So we can total up the votes easily and efficiently

I vote for @EarBudz


@ntmaremach Got my Vote. Nice Job…


@EarBudz gets my extremely difficult to decide on vote! Nice job




@ntmaremach for President! Lol. You have my vote! Nice bud, nice photo. You deserve the Hall of Fame.


My vote goes to @beginner2d
Very nice!


I mean just look at those colors


I vote for @EarBudz .


good picture.
hard choise


my vote goes to @Buzzardhicks


@crazyots - so many good contenders, but I gotta go with my boy.


You should edit your post so your vote is noted. Looks like it needs a space in front of the @ sign.


Please delete the ty to myfriendis410
Rexx so ww so have to disqualify your votes tags are only to be used when voting right now on this thread
if you hit reply to a post it notifys that person but you need to reply to post not the thread just a fyi


Rexx there’s a chat room thread for the BOM contest. You can tag there all you want making it easier for latewood to figure out who won on this thread. Good Luck to all.






Man it was tough to choose, as always, lol :wink: :innocent:

But my vote goes to @ntmaremach, cannot pass through the beautiful bud structure, great job :+1::ok_hand:

Félicitations to all participants, you also made a great job :+1::ok_hand::innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent:


@EarBudz got mine


@EarBudz beautiful BB


I vote for @EarBudz. “Holy Smokes” :v: