January 2018 BOM contest. Happy New year!


Strawberry kush order #224868
now i have good reason to start taking better pic’s and leave the mannequin out of the pic’s


AK-47 auto

ORDER #140546


sour d #133904 )


Order number 208671 Jack Herer one week before harvest.


Wow they all look great :raised_hands:


Hi everyone this is my 1st time posting but very long time reader/visitor(4+ yrs) . Y’all don’t know how much I love this website & the people here are GREAT! much love to y’all :v:u guys are very knowledgeable & I learned everything about growing and I’m still learning … so here it is people couldn’t have done it without y’all my baby Blue Dreams #205686) I just got her down yesterday . 1 1/2 month of veg , 9 wks of flower total wet weight 13oz off of 1 plants . Again thank y’all so much! win or lose I already feel like a winner :v::v:


Baby Blue Dreams looks great NJ49ersFan

Would like a better pic of that big, beautifully coloured bud.

Myfriendis410 I’m a sucker for outdoor beauties


Hey everyone I was look at the bud of month calendar and decided that my 1st pic is not calendar worthy so here’s another one that I wanna use for the contest of the same plant Blue Dreams #205686

hope I’m not breaking any rules :fearful::crossed_fingers:. Also this was a indoor grow 3g smart, pot 300w mars, ff soil &nutes
Myfriendis410 arcticGrow


Why don’t you just edit your first post with this picture which will avoid any problems.


Pick only one pic please


Ok sorry I didn’t know I could edit my post (still trying figure out how things work around here)but im going with my 2nd pic :wink: thank


Got you taken care of buddy


ILGM Order #176145

Blueberry from the “Fruit Pack”. I’ve named this strain “Holy Smokes”

Based on the super thick trunk and branches, I knew the genetics of Ron’s Blueberrry was designed to support masssive buds. This cola was as dense as a gold bar and carried so much flavor and taste, I was told by many life long smokers that this one was the best they’ve ever had. Grown in a 4x8 tent and fed by organic supersoil and under one of 5 Platinum 600watt LED’s. Each of the blueberries produced over 6 ounces with a 3.5 week veg.


Very nice!


Thx MattyBear. I’ve ordered several times for this site and I’m always impressed with the outcome. Just started some Maui Wowie last week and they are starting out super lush.


I just bought some Maui Waui and Blue Dream from here too! Gonna be next up! Gorgeous buds my friend!


Yo they look real good…I mean really good! I think u got this one.:ok_hand:



I’m gonna have to go with @Buzzardhicks on this one. Nice looking bud


@Savingpvtviper got my vote