JammyJam's Very First Grow - GSC Extreme Auto (I got pics y'all!)

OK, silly question. Do I only give “Flowertime” and Booster when in flower (“Seedling” when a seedling, and “Growtime” when in veg)?

OR should I be adding ALL 4 by the time I get to flower? (hope this makes sense)

Nope. And actually. Now is the time you add the booster. it used to be last two weeks of flower. It was changed to first two weeks. Otherwise. Yellow only. Red is in addition to yellow. Not for singular use. Blue and green should only be used by themselves. Red is the only exclusion. As it’s added to yellow for two weeks. That’s why you get so little of it. And 200g of yellow… lol

I used their colors because it’s quicker and how I remember it. I never even opened blue…

You won’t ever use a lot of green either in a soil like happy frog. Unless it’s reused happy frog. It’s usually just said that fox farms soils will get you to flower. Then you need to begin nutrients. True with ocean forest. Once you learn more happy frog allows you more control as it’s not nearly as hot as ocean forest. So you can modify more.

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Now that my ph issues are resolved, Cookie is looking great (to me :nerd_face:)


my images are posting sideways

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She’s looks great, even sideways


I got a microscope for my birthday and tried to take some trichome shots. It takes a steady hand!!

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Looking good. Sure is hard to get in focus. :laughing: but it looks like the sugar leaves are ambering up nicely, your buds are probably not too far behind.

the buds


Her Little Sisters Abbi, Belle and Dolly

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I didn’t really know exactly what I was looking for

It’s pretty impossible. Not gonna lie, bud shots for trichomes is a learned skill.

Usually I just find a bud site and shove my macro lens right up against the lightest green area I can get. Deeper in than the pistils but not to where you’re accidentally focusing on the leaf trichomes.

Here’s a bud shot

And a shot of right where I stick my lens to get a good bud shot

Your flowers are gorgeous. They definitely need a few weeks to cook but building nicely.

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thank you!!! Yes, it does take a steady hand. I will continue to practice

Get a stand for your scope. Makes all the difference in getting a clear pic. Some folks use a mic stand, I am a Jerry Riggs Engineering kind of person, so I use this:

And get pics like this:



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