Jake’s first grow. AmH Auto

Here we are at the end of week 2 above the dirt. Vertical growth has slowed down a bit while the girls work on their root structures. Thelma is looking like she’s going to be a bushy girl while Louise seems to stand a little taller with her smaller leaf structure. All in all they both seem to be moving at a steady pace. I’m up in the air on what size pot to use this go round. I had ok results with my 5gal air pots but the buds seemed airy and my 3 gallon pot grew much smaller buds that were way more dense and potent. Both plants were the same strain and genetics and had the same feeding regiments. Help me out here!!!


I am beginning to think that I f’d up this run. After looking back in my journal, I’m noticing that these girls are nowhere near as big as they should be. Not to mention that the cotyledon leaves are already starting to turn yellow. My thought process here is that in my first 2 plants, I used peat starter pucks then put them directly into a large pot. I’ve sprouted these last 2 in solo cups. Could they be getting root bound already and having super slow growth from that at this point? They’re 17 days from breaking ground. I definitely have not over watered And I don’t think I’ve under watered either. @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie @Kilgoretrout @GreenFlex @repins12 @DankBank22 @Davyg @Nicky @Not2SureYet @Covertgrower


No but you would be smart to transplant them now, their tap root already hit the bottom.


Hey man they look good to me for 2weeks ur just used to looking at those monsters I just got mine in the dirt a week ago


Could be root bound in the starter pod. I tried those things for one run and decided against them.


Wouldn’t think they’re root bound yet. A transplant to the next size up would possibly be premature as the soil could still be loose around the roots right now and disturbing it could cause damage. You will know better when you slide one out to take a look and that’s what I would do. A good root system then I would move it, loose soil with a poor root ball then I would leave and monitor for a little while yet.
I’m with @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie I also tried those pucks and binned them as they’re prone to drying out and a pia to rehydrate


Are you feeding them anything in the cup? Is it just the peat pellet in there?
I would recommend a transplant into a medium, should see more growth that way.
You do have to be careful with seedlings but survive just fine as long as care was taken.

I use rapid rooters, but they’re not in there very long, before I transplant them into something.

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I think they look great. I have seen almost full plants grown in solo cups. I use these so I can just drop them into a pot and am good to go. I like the 5.5 x 6.3 size

Peat pellet was the Last grow. They’re in a solo cup of Fox Farms ocean forest now.