Jaggery Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer πŸ€”


Everyone loves to have a punt at casino


Which state ru in? you growing for pleasure or for pain? I have smoked lots of diff strains but no idea what they were, but big diff in taste between the strains


Pleasure and to excape reality … kidding. Just at the end of the day to chill out after work. Running a business and clients can be a head🀯

You mean pain as in injury or to make money ?

Cherrypie has good ratings for medical use. Both pain & pleasure


Injury, been looking for cannatonic and some others but the ones i am growing atm are supposed to be good for pain and insomnia. Just started my new light build topic will link you in as they are a pretty new board, just doing some photos now.


Ok cool … im dealing with a ph issue atm possibly neutient blockout or toxicity of potassium.


Have you tried edibles or decarbing ?

Yeah ive got blue lab which ive calibrated to both the 7 buffer and old school water ph tube tester.

Its perfect


you got a good pen?


I put potassium granules in and didnt disolve them when mixing.

Ive tested all my nutes to see what raises ph the hardest and its definatly the potassium salt like ganusles that raise ph hard and it makes sense that thr ph wont come down because the ganuales are in my medium.

I got it from 7.2 to 6.5 lsst night after literally 100L flush.


what medium do you use? i am a lover of Canna terra pro, so easy to use right through from seedling to harvest with not much work.at least you have it down to a workable level


I mixed my own
Cocco coir
Peat moss
Worm castings

But my.aim is to utilise everything in this book im currently reading


How is the book so far? and where did you get it from?


Its great! Just my kinda thing. Allot of work to get the ball rolling but worth it im sure

Book depository… free shipping


its got good reviews, i use all organic nutes


Sneaky peak… they might delete this


hmm theres a few youtube articles on it also


Yeah i got the plug from the guy and the girl in the cowgirl hat talking in the greenhouse.

Shes all organic

Another well rated read

Just as important as lights in my opinion


yes got that one :+1: