Jaggery Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer 🤔


Jaggery, a more organic form of molasses


Its also called Panela


Actually this is made in a more pure form than panela. Less processing of the sugarcane when making Jaggery.


Depends which country you are in as it is just the spanish name for it, most Panela is unrefined sugar cane juice, they call it Uluru dust here in Australia.
They have used it in Mexico for over 500 years


I thought i read somewhere yesterday that Jaggery has less extraction prcesses. But i cant seem to find it now. All i see now today is Jaggery/Panela.

Maybe i minced the words i read :sweat_smile: im Aussie by the way mate :wink:

And yeah i know all about Panela my ex was Colombian and my new side piece is a sexy little indian … Panela/Jaggery haha


Some countries describe it in a different manner, but basically it is crushed cane juice evaporated then poured into molds, that is the true way it is made, but some countries Adulterate it with more processing.
The Taiwanese crush the cane raw and make a drink out of it, i am full of useless info as my wife tells me, but i always say it will come in handy sometimes. :persevere:
I didnt know anything about sugar but i used to do some maintenance on a sugar mill in Queensland Australia, and got sick drinking to much sugar cane juice.


Tell your wife its Interesting useless information that’s only useless until its useful which then becomes useful information


you tell her lol
Sugar Cane Cocktails

  • CLASICO: Light rum, fresh lime juice , sugar cane juice , mint leaves, bitters.
  • MAMBO MOJITO: Bacardi light rum, fresh lime juice , mint, sugar cane juice .
  • PICOSO: Captain Morgan spiced rum, lime juice , sugar cane juice , mint leaves.
  • Caipirinha: Cachaca, fresh lime juice , sugar cane juice .

Thousands of great drinks with sugar cane juice


Hello HungrybudWife,

Your husbands Interesting useless information that’s only useless until its useful which then becomes useful information :ok_hand:

Awesome cocktail edit :grin: … ill get onto those


thats the cheats way of telling her
Drinks are ala google, but i have had a few of them


You must be up north or west of Qld ?


Used to live on the Goldcoast for a while and contracted in the Sunshine coast on Sugar mills and other things for money basically. They use the product in Bundaberg Rum, they also have mills in NSW
A lot of mills are closing down, they actually get more income from the sugar cane mulch now since the price of sugar dropped so a great by-product, great on the vege garden.


Haha ok… sugar mill. You would have been the wrong person to debate this panela/Jaggery thing with. Im glad i found my place early in :laughing:

The born again bundegurg rum… no wait, that was beenliegh rum that went under


Yes Bunderberg OP Rum google it, better still get some and try it, a religion in Australia especially Qld, been drunk soooo many times on that stuff. Didnt live far from Beenleigh, not the best of Cities and not the best rum, thats why it failed, cheap and nasty.
Hmm wonder how it would go mixed into a grow medium for Cannabis? the mulch that is not the rum


Yeah i know all about bundaberg rum, orange label & red label … horific younger years many a times


Ahh the younger years, hmm wish i could remember them.



Yeah they are many moons ago… ill look into that rum. Not a big drinker anymore though. Much prefer to smoke. Im hanging out for this cherrypie of mine. I got nada atm and everyone has shite to offer. Im bone dry and its wearing thin lately :sweat_smile:

What a great idea… create a shit topic that nobody will come to and chat :laughing:


:hourglass_flowing_sand:I have about another six weeks before harvest, have you tried the cherrypie before, yeh i have nothing but leaf trim atm.
ru in Australia atm?


To be honest mate ive only ever tried one particular strain, white rhino. But even he wasnt 100% it was.

So no, never tried cherrypie…you?

I stopped smoking for many years so got out of the loop so to speak.


No mate never tried it, have MOAB crytical and hulkberry going atm so many names, and am just about to build a new light