Jacks321 question -flush or no flush

My first grow and have been using Jacks321 and doing really well. I have read alot about flushing before harvest but also read that it’s not necessary to flush if using Jacks321. Thought a topic dedicated to this question would answer this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Won’t hurt anything if you do…

Most just stop feeding the nutes and go to straight water with about 1-2 weeks left in flower… but sometimes you got to and that’s a different story… if you gotta then you do it, if it’s just about ready for chop then 1-2 weeks water only seems to be the norm… @imSICKkid he is the coco master, I’m just a quiet fly on the wall taking notes. I got a few potential nanners mr. Sick I’ll tag you for you opinion if you got a second tomorrow.

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This not the only study with these results, just the one I knew I could find easily. Imo this is myth that has been busted years ago. For whatever reason, it’s not widely known.


Ok sorry brother for asking this, are you referring to the website as a myth?

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Nope, flushing plants.

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I’ll let you know. Just cut one plant with a flush and one without (both using jacks) to test the difference. I’ve done this before using different nutes and could tell a difference. Doing it again to check for consistency.


@dbrn32 I thought that’s what you were talking about. I have read something similar a year or so back.

@BobbyDigital let us know how that goes please.

I’ve done both, but of corse I don’t think I’ve grown enough to know the difference. :thinking:


You should bring a 3rd party in and do a blind test , placebo effect is more powerful then you’d expect


I have with the last test. It was unanimous that the plant that was flushed was more smooth. Keep in mind this is not a perfect test as it was two different strains. This test will be imperfect as well as they are also two different strains.


I usually stop feeding Jack’s about 2 weeks before chop. I do not flush my plants with ungodly amounts of water. I just feed the same minus the nutrients. On the other hand, I’ve also had instances where I didnt get to flush and I haven’t seen any bad effects either. I honestly think flushing is just a personal preference at the end of the day.


I like that link Dbrn. So if someone is using NFTG nutrients(which is outrageously expensive) then I would absolutely stop feeding 2 weeks out. Not because it’s going to help the smoke, but because it significantly cuts down the cost of the grow.


All great stuff! Thanks all. I think I am going to take @imSICKkid advice and just stop nutes and go with straight normal watering up until the end.

It’s just like everything else. If someone wanted, then could find a reason not to do something anyone else suggests.

My biggest problem with “flushing” prior to harvest, is that so many people misjudge when their ideal harvest time will be. There is example of that on here weekly if not daily. At least some of them suggest they have been on water only for some time, and have several weeks to go. Or those who want to harvest parts of their plants at different times, that seem to be in crisis mode trying to decide when to start “flushing” their plants.

For someone to say they use method A because they tested vs method B and prefer method A is plenty good enough for me. But if someone wants to go down road of saying they flush so the plant can use up nutrients it has stored, isn’t hard to throw penalty flag at. Makes me wonder if people throw out the first half of tomatoes out if their garden because the soil is too rich in nutrients first half of the summer?


This is exactly why I raised this question. As a beginner and struggling to know exactly when to harvest it does make it hard then to know when to flush. Then I read about Jacks321 on some forums about not needing to flush. So with such a knowledgable audience, here is my current plant. I am thinking it might be ready but would like your all input,


@Abarnett88 , it’s no precise timing sir , it’s up to the cultivator / grower right ? It’d totally up to you but in my opinion of learning as a rookie , about 30% amber which your plants are Prime and ripe and ready , great job !

Some of that amber doesn’t look to be exactly on the bud itself as you see them together… you’re other pictures where you see the orange pistil coming out and most are all cloudy, that’s a bud and the part that we look for… you’re at about 80-90% cloudy… you could go a week more probably… if you’re going to do water only, I’d start now, and check trichs every other day. Until you see like 10-15% amber unless you want a couch lock then two weeks+ probably.

Thanks! I plan on taking your advice. Any advise on trimming this particular plant with the excess of sugar leaves? I have another plant right next to it, same strain and is full of healthy big buds. This plant was my learning curve…had mistakes like starting it in Miracle Grow. There are some buds underneath but many sugar leaves as you can see.i was thinking if just cutting it and letting it all dry, then when dry just manicure it to look like a bud. Would smoke both bud and sugar leaf? Thoughts?

You could take the fan leaves below the buds, I would usually strip the fans at about day 21 in flower then again around day 42-50. But since you are past that point you can take the lower 1/3 of the fans if you wanted. Not necessary I wouldn’t think at this point. But you can take the fan leaves that are covering buds, and in the center of the plant. Wouldn’t take anything from the sugar leaves at all. Leave those there and then you can make an oil/hash in different ways to make a purpose of the sugar leaves… you could smoke them but wouldn’t be as enjoyable as a hash or oil/cooking oil for edibles.

After the next week just cut down the branches and pull all the fans off but leave the sugars in the buds they’ll dry a recede a bit then go for a nice dry trim. And start jarring up. Probably (this is a guess, but should take 4-5 days) to dry to where you can do a final trim. Don’t dry them to fast, and if you have hydrometers that can be put in jars it’ll help you maintain RH while you bring it down to the 58-62 range depending how you like.

That’s what I got out the study as well. It showed no significant loss of weight, thc or terpenes when not feed the last 2 weeks (the important stuff) so why use nutes for the last 2 weeks when not needed, and I’ve done the test many times myself and prefer the smoother taste of the 2 week water only, making it a win-win situation for me to run water only last 2 weeks. They didn’t prove what they set to prove in that study (use more nutes, from a nute company that funded the study, gee whiz).

Even Advanced Nutrients (who some would call money-grabbers because their nutes are spendy) recommends no nutes for last 2 weeks. My old friend Remo - owner of Remo Nutrients goes water only for last 2-3 weeks as he shows on his youtube grow videos.

They only thing that study said was a positive of not flushing was taste which is a very subjective thing, if the judges were Ed Rosenthal, DJ Short, Jorge Cervantes, or even Snoop Dogg, then I may have paid more attention to their opinion but with an un-named panel, don’t really care.