Jacks321 in a cloning machine

Can you use jacks 321 in a cloning machine? Has anyone tried it?

Pretty sure most people just use plain water. I’ve read somewhere that you can add calmag or something like rapid start or root juice. If you do try it I’d recommend very low EC.

At one point i used a clone solution that came with it but ran out and never got anymore. Now its just good ol fashioned water, some rooting powder on the clones, which probably gets washed off right away and time. But i saw the cloner sitting there and just started to wonder. Maybe I’ll do some experimenting.

You can use it in there. I used a modified mixure of just the hydroponic blend and calcium nitrate in my aerogarden. It’s been quite some time, but i think i mixed 2 parts hydroponic blend to 1 part calcium nitrate and watered down to about 500ppm on 500 scale.

I think if you stay around that 1.0EC you’ll be fine as long as your npk ratio is fairly balanced.

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Ya i just use a little rooting stimulator solution and a shot of molassis cuz i clone and veg on 24 hrs

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@Medicineman33 Same here buddy!!

I run 2ea 5 gallon bucket cloners with a sterile solution and Jack’s 321. Here’s the recipe: I fill the bucket half full. Then I mix a gallon of water in a separate container with 15 mls of pool shock. Be sure to mix it really well. Add 30 mls of the shock mix to your half bucket of water. Next in another gallon container mix 1/2 teaspoon Jack’s part A and 1/4 teaspoon part C and stir next add 1/4 teaspoon part B and stir. Add this to the clone bucket and top off the clone bucket with water. Every 5 to 7 days add another 30 mls of the shock solution and top off with more nute solution. We’ve been running this method for the last 2 years on over 100 cuttings with 100% success. They do not wilt and actually continue to grow. We monster cropped some last spring that didn’t go into reveg until 2 weeks after we put them in the dirt they just kept right on flowering under 18/6 lights. And a shoutout to @dbrn32 I built 4 of the 14 eb strip lights and they are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed night all👍

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Good to hear!

This may be a silly question because i don’t have a pool but isn’t pool shock basically chlorine? The stuff i get rid of when i let my tap water sit out before using on the plants?

Oh and i find out jacks has a clone formula 2lbs for $20 15-6-17. Uses 3g/gallon which i think is enough to fill cloner 150x.

Yes that’s why it’s called a sterile setup. Doesn’t hurt the plants and and keeps out any bacteria. My results speak for themselves. Like I said earlier over the last two years 100% on well over 100 cuttings.