Jack's vs Chemgro, Nicky's 2nd attempt

Not saying they’re robbing people. Again, everyone reacts differently. I could smoke a dispensary joint with a friend and they might feel anxious/paranoid but I wouldnt. Happened before which validates my point. Tolerance is also another factor.

The harvesting too early situation, was something I just wanted to share with you. Doesn’t have to be the case with dispensaries but it could be with the black market because they want to sell it and make profit as fast as they can


That’s true on the tolerance. I haven’t smoked a strain yet that had me paranoid. Some times I need 4 blunts 2 be high while my boys need 1. Since I been smoking my own stuff I noticed. I don’t smoke that much and every day my weed taste better

Dispensary falls under the black market 2 because they want crazy turn around. Here we only have medical Dispensary so I had 2 drive 1.5 hours 2 Mass for recreational and alot of times was disappointed how much money I had 2 waste 2 get high


Neil Young once mentioned that chewing on black peppercorns help him ease that paranoia feeling. Something to do with the terpenes in the peppercorn


Never tried peppercorn or heard of it until now. Please keep dropping jewels.

@Nicky how’s the new contract going btw


Aww thanks for that clarification @dbrn32 and @MattyBear, we’ll I may have to grab one of those c99 and run it just for comparison in another sativa mix run.

@ash93 yeah good points.

@SilvaBack203 new contract is good got it setup and get till the 9th off as I have a friend covering it then I’m on it with only Sundays off from the 10th tot he 21st before I have someone who’s a local person take it over. Their drives only a 15min one where as mine is a 1hr 15min each way daily + 10hr days. However I’m grateful they are not 12hr days and I’ll use that time to start my clones.

I just cut zamaldelica clones, in a bit of tap water (no chlorine) fishshit and dipped in rooting hormones in glass jars.

I’ll be able to cut the Bangi haze ones after once I can compare if I’ll take the Bangi and if I do pheno one or pheno two.

K all setup to trim the green crack, due to light leak issues I’ll be turning whatever doesn’t make top shelf grade into hash later. @SilvaBack203 wink wink rosin hash that is!


Glad u have bright sides for everything my friend. How many clones are you aiming for?

Bubble hash time


Nice haul Nicky. They look like some monster buds! Did you take more clones?


Well I want to run 4 plants, which will be the clones. I cut 6 just Incase and haven’t killed the mother yet but I will once they are successful.

I haven’t cut Bangi haze clones yet but I did the smoke test to day while I slowly trim the green crack.

Bangi haze is a more buzzy and powerful smoke, I would say the zamaldelica is much more enjoyable smoke but a true sativa lover may enjoy the high from the Bangi haze and still enjoy the smoke since there is nothing wrong with it I just don’t prefer the terpenes taste.

This leads me to think the Bangi haze is more of a marketable smoke.

Personally I like the zamaldelica and the effects are still nice but stoners will like the Bangi haze more I think.

I will clone both and run clones until I can ship the samples off to my dad to taste test and by then I can cull which even batch he thinks lost the battle.

However even if zamaldelica looses its won me over with its amazing terpenes and pure sativa lineage and joy.

When buds are cured I’ll sample them all again and include the green crack giving them all a good review. In a comparison.

Lots to do trimming been slacking
L8 all will be on a here and there but not alot until the 10th


Nice might be my sativa strain 2 grow in the future I know how picky u r with terpenes


I feel like terps are what I want to focus on with grows combined with effects since colors and yields are less important to me now.
I am still an a armature at strain hunting due to my small scale but having fun with it.
I think having a couple good yielding strains just to pump out the yeild and build a stockpile is important first off but once your stocks nice and hybrids are easily grown then these old school landrace stuff or expensive genetics are fun to play around with hunting.

While keep my stock of smoke for my friends and family yet on the yeild side hash yielding strains Intrest me so I’ll focus on those when I grow my indica or hybrid grows.
Sativas I’ll focus on quality effects and that means taking terps into account, also a flavourful strain goes along way in user memory or enjoyment…as long as the strength is still there and wanted effects.


Respect that 100

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A couple main colas left on the green crack, this morning. Before I do some errands and get to the other 3 plants.


Done the green crack, it took a considerable amount of time due to me being slow and it not finishing correctly. The bit of re veg due to light leak meant it took lots of patients to trim the buds up pretty.

I took the stuff that wasn’t dense enough and tosses it in a pile, which is now going I my freezer for live hash rosin later. It’s not much but I’ll blend all 4 plants together and see what i get.

Hash grade buds

About to cut off a cola from another plant and start trimming, I’m so over trimming for flower now it has to be my least favorite part of the growing. I would much prefer to work with hash but the people I know like flower sativas like my dad so ill keep a decent supply.


I don’t envy you and all that trimming. It took me and my wife almost 2 hours just to trim my one GDP. Looks good.



I’ll come trim for you Nicky

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Maybe one day ash.

@Deepsix yeah I was trimming while doing all my home stuff, cooking the meals, had errands to do yesterday, had to clean the tent so they had somewhere to go. Yada yada.
I’m mentally dead im not chopping anything until tomorrow.

Good news is I lined up a buyer for my old couch, 5 years ago I paid 400$ and I’m selling it for 450$ looks like. I get my new one on Saturday.


I have yet to go to any dispo but heard that they’re super expensive. It’s an hour drive to the closest one in Mass for me.

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Thank God I don’t need that drive no more. Northern light so far my best smoke ever. Maybe I’m bios

Well I have all of the first bangi haze down, and I will finish it tonight… Really considering buying a bowl trimmer right now but I keep telling my self next grow will be the last trimming I do for a while because I’ll be turning everything into frozen aka live hash rosin.

These buds on the Bangi are big, solid, strong smelling and strong calyx to flower ratio.

This is what I have left

Nothing for sure yet but it looks like this plant is the winner yeild wise by a considerable margin. The zamaldelica just didn’t yeild well, there will be two more smoke tests yet and I have yet to take the other two so nothing is set in stone.

However looks like this Bangi haze will be my pick of the two, I’ll wait until I hack up the other one tomorrow to be sure.
Pinene radiates my whole house right now.


Looking good. :+1: :+1: :+1: