Jack's vs Chemgro, Nicky's 2nd attempt

Average job should be between 30k-50k a third of that is generally material. Most jobs we can knock out in a week or 2. Large jobs being over 120k

Also. Police are dirty af. I interviewed several ex police officers and detectives. They all basically said it will ruin your life.


Yeah that’s big.
In Canada it sucks because to much cold weather so it’s a huge hassle and I used to be a landscape manager no thnx to many dead beats and hot heads in labour jobs for me to manage anymore like drywall and painters and roofers and just all of it lol.

Anyways yeah go to a big accounting firm and say you want to see about bringing your business there that your an expanding construction company owner.
They will save you so much money.

Like so you own your vehicle? I hope not lease that shit 100% write off

Got a wife? Got kids? Trust fund
Write off a % of your property as used for buisness have a office corner and a % of your utilities

Buy a investment property in your companies name, reno it slightly, write that off, rent it out collect the income pay your wife as the property manager extra income.


Bro. Drywallers, painters, roofers, siding guys, sparkies, and plumbers… we all hate each other. Lol.


Bro we would’ve been great friends if we live near by. I pass out on jobs because I don’t have the personal or I’m stuck in my day time job.
I’m fully insured and bonded but I love my perks been a union electrician

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Gold. :thinking: I’ll bring it up to the man that handles the paper work.

Electrician??? :scream:


Yea brother IBEW

No man go to a big firm accountant and be like look I’m a expanding construction company and we are looking for a solid firm to help us grow.

Boom they will set you up with a partner or something and then you have a meeting they lay out basics and then hook you up with one of their minions and you deal with the minion and the partner reviews it all.

They provide advice and if anything ever goes wrong they got your back and they know a good lawyer. They also will know if it’s better to fight the government or pay the fee.

You want your company to look like it makes money some years and looses money often or re invests.
That’s where buying real estate will make you rich.

With the amount of income your making you should be buying houses

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Ohhh I like that :sunglasses: currently we are exploring options with other contractors to fill the gaps.

Hate to say it, you’re the only sparky I’ve ever liked!


See what you just described sounds like what my insurance and bond covers already nick. So I don’t want 2 pay some 1 else now 2 handle it. My boy is my accounting for years now and he also handles my llc since it’s all connect to me thru ssn

I get that alot and don’t be mad brother i dont even chill with my own kind. At job sites u catch me with the carpenters,Masons and iron workers.

I’m Brazilian so you know we great with construction and my father’s a carpenter so I always worked with him doing wood floor and all that’s why I can frame,sheetrock and paint. Just don’t know plumbing

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This is for low lol

Idk what that stuff is and I have no experince with union stuff.

I just know how this works because my family went from poor to wealthy.

I won’t be westhy probably because I cut ties with them and i have choose to hook up with a partner who values life a bit different.
I’ll remain middle class but we have. I kids and soon will be double income registered heath professionals making above average so we will do okay but I’m not gonna end up with the life I was shooting for 6 years ago.

However the global stage has changed my views and I’m ready to buy a piece of property, and be a preppper and enjoy my little corner fo the world while the rest falls apart.

Although we have thoughts about opening a lazer and Botox clinic $$$ just to make cash because we personally don’t like the idea of Botox but at the profit pff why not

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Feel you on those hours Nicky. But even if I pull 20hrs, I’m still home every night so I can’t feel you in that. If I do have to go out of state for a week or two, that’s when everything goes wrong so I couldn’t imagine being away for the time you do.


Bro real talk union sucks balls. There’s alot of a kissing and it’s all politics. It’s worth it 4 me because the pay and benefits. Right now things sucks with materials and all so huge layed offs my side business pays my bills but the union pays my insurance lol.

Edit. Health care is what I mean by insurance in this 1. It’s expensive af for a family of 4 so been union all I pay is $35 Co pays


Thnx Bobby, yeah it’s been part of my life for as long as I can remember and it’s how I met my girl so she understands but I’m on my way out of this.
When is tsrted I was doing 12hr days of hard labour regardless of the weather including - 40*f

Now I sit in a warm truck or shack and wait for someone to have a workplace accident (rare)

I’m also making decent cooin because before I was a first aider but now Im a paramedic

The autopots changed the stress in my growing, it’s manageable now that’s why I love em so much and why I been using them for so long.

Although now me and sick have everyone on jacks and I’ve got people on fishshit and finally so many are on autopots hahah I wanted ilgm Roy to make an autopot section he said he would think about it after the site changes are done.

@SilvaBack203 yeah paramedic on ambulance is union here and I learned really quick I can’t fit in with a union. In a non union system I can work my way to the top way way way faster.
At the age of 18 I war running 20 man crews, I really wish I lived in a bigger city at times because the lack of intellectuals I meet in my daily life is depressing for me…
Like I can think of a handful of guys in my real life that I have ever been like… Shit yea this guy is switched on.
Not saying I’m perfect or super smart but I catch in really quickly and my brain works sooo much Better then my body.
I almost dropped out of school it was just so fking boring, other than computers which I was a TA in at grade 8 for the grade 12’s lol nerd.

I can make one. It’ll be a sub category though


Do it in hydro! Then we can move my autopot guide there and pin it as the first post for now.


It’d be either grow equipment or grow medium

Equipment I Geuss, because any medium can be used in autopots technically.
Some grow in 100% perlite

Okay bed time. Thxn Bobby!


Alright, it’s there


Where to start where to start…

They look good, that’s positive. Had a power outage so my timers are all 4hr out of wack, or they were I broke into the tent fixed timers and closed em up so a hit of a light expposure Durring sleeping time but they should live.

Plants are stinky and getting mature, little. Igs. Everywhere and a couple bigger colas.
Trees though definitely not bushes.

Here is the sativas in the 4x4, the zamaldelica on the right is more of menthol light smell. While the Bangi. Haze on the left is more of a shart or deeper pine smell.

Both have similar structure as far as I can’t tell while I’m half cut in thanksgiving night… Lol


Reservoirs are filled, trays are dirty but the should be fine the trays rarely cause a problem.

In my little greenhouse where I’m keeping rhe Cloje mothers I’m dealing with aphids and gnats thanks to my girl bringing in her pepper and strawberry plants.
I have DE spring led all over the soil and on the plants as well to try and kill these aphids…

Have the rosin press stupid and trying to load some cartridges… Done quite have it mastered yet and has been costing me to much money to just do it till I fail so every once and a while I try a bit more.

Bossman. No longer can get his allergy safe duck food from the vet or any vet due to a lack of shipping product from the USA to Canada.

So. I bought every duck food in the two closes pet stores and gave him a choice.

We have two top contenders