Jack's vs Chemgro, Nicky's 2nd attempt

Hello all you cool cats and kittens!

Unfortunately my first attempt at this ran into a genetic issue so we are going to re attempt this experiment, with a big twist.

I’ll be running photo period regular seeds, true old school heavily sativa dominant genetics from the team over at Ace seeds.
Two F3 zamaldelica’s
Two F8 Bangi Haze
And on the side in another tent not part of the experiment will be a Cali connect Fem Green crack.
These are the best true energetic sativas I could find as my dad is 79 this year and its his daily dose of energy he feels like. Not bad for not being in any meds at that age.

I have purchased a DNA sex test kit that will arrive sometime in the next little bit which will be used to take a leaf sample of all plants and then I can cull the males, I dropped 4 of the Bangi haze and 4 of the zamaldelica. Just to be sure I’m not waiting around for more seeds to pop if u get a male or two.

I think I will take a clone from each, and then run the best clone from each strain in another test so this can be a more scientific approach later down the road.

So I will be asking some guidance on cloning hopefully @Myfriendis410 and @imSICKkid can give me a step by step run down and tell me how many I should take because I hear there is a failure rate among clones as well. This may be my one shot to run clones so I better not mess it up lol!

For those of you joining from the first attempt, I have decided to toss the green crack fem from crop King (its the indica leaning one, not what I’m looking for) and the genetic issue with the one amnesia haze has made it a clear choice to toss as well. Meaning we have one amnesia haze and two Bruce banner autos going strong normally I would drop seeds on may 24th but I may just hold onto these for now and see if they will survive outside before I run out of space.
I want to do an outdoor grow with outdoor strains but not sure if I should do it or not we will see.
These are going into a Ziplock bag with a moist paper towel in an hour, I will then make uo the nursery bags and mix up some more chemgro (still have lots of Jack’s) as I will be away at work for the next 8 days after today so the girl will have to pay attention to these baby’s.


Sounds like you’ll be off to a good start. If you can find the time read hellraisers cloning thread from the top down a little ways. Some great tips and help there.


Can’t wait to follow along also do you have to be in a legal state to do the sex testing?

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Sounds good im set to follow along

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I’m going to be pulling up a chair Nicky.
Aaaaaaand, go.

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Nicky with some photos! Nice!


Yes, first time in modern memory I’m running photos.
Gotta make sure my tent has zero light leaks after the first two weeks of 20hr of light.

@LiesGrows I’m actually sending my samples across the us/canada border! So no you do not have to be in a legal state.
You send them a leaf sample with specific wording on it and it will pass as it’s for hemp research data yada yada etc.


I don’t think light leaks are super important until you flip 12/12 for flower

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Best to test it when the tents empty, and while you may not notice a direct result in veg it affects them as they preform different process when asleep then awake.


Okay off to work tomorrow for 8 days or so, thus I had to mix up some 5 gallon buckets.

I’ll be following chemgro’s feed chart via ppm and ratios but their grams per gallon seems off always so I have adjusted it.
Jack’s is getting full feed.
Both have silica in them with Agsil16H at 3.5g per 5 gallons which gives me the right ppm of silica according to the research I have read.

Seeds are in a glasses case for light proofing within their respected Ziplocks, in moist paper towel after a 24hr soak, the case is placed in the grow tent which is set for 26.5c so about 79f.

The girl will check on them once a day and when they ready she will place the seeds in the soil and keep the nursery bags from drying out with their respective feed,fhey will all get a tap water run off pre seed drop though.
50/50 coco perlite, coco is pre buffed and washed by manufacturer.

@Not2SureYet here we go again


Good to see you finally get to get this one rolling :grin: A few days and you will have a new family here :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree. Cannabis is C3 plant, can do everything it needs but flower with lights on indefinitely. Doesn’t make sense for most to do this, but can be done.


But if you don’t reach target dli and have light leaks during sleep in veg, that can cause stretching. But other than that, I second that light leaks don’t matter in sleep during veg, unless it’s not getting enough light in your schedule as is. Then it could stretch twords the light leaks

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I’m new at this and not trying to be contrary with anybody just trying to make sure I understand. In flower the dark cycles shold not be disturbed. And all light sources should be eliminated such as led indicator lights on heaters and timers possibly even the glow of electric heating elements. And then vent openings and zipper leaks and pinholes in tent material. But in veg these things aren’t as critical? Can a plant stretch towards pinholes?


I don’t have mine set up yet but when I get home in just over a week I will be making new intake filters with a bit of my extra black ducting followed with a vent dust filter and some black dollar store panty hoes.
The tents themselves I will stand inside and have my girlfriend zip me up inside it, in the middle of the day with the light on.
This way I can tell if there are any light leaks or LED power lights I have missed.

We as cannabis growers are still waiting for Utah state and our big old buddy Bruce bugbee to post his research on what value of lights will disrupt a plants sleep cycle. Whatevere it is though we know it’s not ideal, it’s another reason I have stuck with autos for so long.


I’ve never seen anything like that happen.


I didn’t say pinholes. I was referring to my own experiences when I’ve just left the door open and went and passed out with the exterior room light on. Lol. And I gurantee my flower tent is not at all light proof. But neither is mother nature. The plants will deal with what you accost them to. Everyone says and takes things to the extreme in caution. It’s just weed man. It’s not that hard. It you’re in complete utter darkness at the beginning of flower and gain holes later. They probably not gonna like that. If you just chill in a way that prevents as much as you can without going to extremes, you’ll be fine. Note the word accost. I’ve heard of photoperiod plants flowering in the footprint of street lights. Meaning it’s the sun, that light and the moon. But it’s accustomed to it. On the opposite end. UV rays were thought to be, and where indeed, useless to plants for photosynthesis. UNLESS they are sprouted and grown inside in the absence of UV radiation. So now we know a plant started inside can use uv radiation in a beneficial way, but one who’s lived outside since birth cannot. They were too much for the seedling so it accosted itself to the uv radiation, doesn’t bother, help, hinder it in anyway. That’s about the best way I can explain that. Dr Bugbee explains it much better. Since im just retelling his research with occasional observations of my own.


I’ve seen many on the forums, YouTube and Instagra even well established growers like Green Genie gain herms and poor growth from from light leaks.

For example when green genie built his new room he had an fan installed in the wall for air exchange, which turned out when the fan kicked in the vents would open and allow a light leak.

Plants need that rest period to preform certain functions. Not giving them that rest be it they grow in thst environment or it happens mid flower, will both negatively effect the growth

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Amen brother. As I have stated before, all the technical tweaking is best left to the scientists. The increase in yield and quality IF you get it perfect is hardly worth the aggravation. I am not saying a seed dropped into plain dirt will be as good as one that is cared for, but there is a huge line between good and great and if you are on the right end of the spectrum, just be happy with that. I would rather have a half pound of pretty damn good than an ounce of Cannabis Cup quality.


To each their own, here in my grow I find it less and less aggravation and more and more simply just learning.

I and others feel I am at AAA with some plants depend on grow being AAAA :fire:, I’m shooting for top quality live rosin now and some flower for those who still enjoy the flower.
I smoke less and less as time goes on, I shouldn’t be smoking at all I need to make a quality batch of oil and learn my appropriate dosage for it but that will come after I master live rosin vape cartilages (struggling with this right now).

This grow is one close to my heart because it’s for my dad who is a sativa lover and has smoke all around the world being a Dentist who was also a international drug smuggling hippy at one point in his life.
All these new strains are so closely crossed the true sativas are getting harder and harder to find.
Yet with today’s world wide web and legalization in many areas leading to so many advances it is able to find breeders like Ace.

The goal here is to grow the best sativa smoke my dad has ever smoked at the age of 79 this year, not only do I want to impress him and make him proud (he already is of some of my other stuff) I want to be able to know what he wants that I can always keep on supply for him.

For those of you who don’t wish to take things as serious as some of the rest of us, that is fine you do you.

I will be shooting for better and better every grow, investing not only in the financial aspect but also in the research, exploration and details.

Sure anyone can grow a weed but many do not have the means one way or another to grow :fire:. The grow and end product is more important to me personally then any other aspect. While of course financials play a role is most people’s lives this is my passion and I do my best to spend my money wisely while still realizing I don’t smoke and don’t really drink much liquor or any coffee. This is my year long passion, thankfully autopots have given me the ability to do this while away at work for 2-3 weeks at a time and still grow a garden.

I’m far from perfect but like everyone I’m getting better every grow. I will say adding a new setup definitely kicks you in the but for a grow or two until you dial it right in and being home more often is ideal but that is one of my current limitations.

Anyways back to growing, I hope to get a update on seed tails tonight. I’ll keep you all posted.