Jacks turning into liquid?

i use the jacks tap system - 15-5-20 , bloom booster and finish, not bashing or anything but the 15-5-20 always turns into liquid when i get some humidity, the bloom and finish and the 20-20-20 i used to use never did that…was woundering if anyone else had the same experience?..might just go back to the 20-20-20 instead of that one.

Well, because I am ya know, that way. Oh crap. what was the question?
Jacks will turn liquid wnen put in water. I am serious.

It really needs to be kept in a cool, dry location. Their bags are pretty crappy, especially for keeping humidity out. Maybe move the stuff into large gallon ziplocks or something if they can’t be stored in a dry area.


Yea i keep my huge bags in a storage tote in the basement because i believe part B is a natural moisture absorber( i think you can even use it to dry out a room if you spread it around) so that why it liquifies

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