Jacks Phosphorus Deficiency Swapped to Gaia Green Power Bloom

Good evening everyone. As my title says I had major phosphorus issues with using Jacks 321. I went to my local hydro store today and he recommended Gaia green power bloom. I hadn’t realized it was the stuff the Canuck grower YouTuber uses ( watched all his videos before I started) so I’ve seen the results and love that it’s not something I have to do every single time I water.

My question is, I top dressed it today and watered. Will it take effect fast enough to where I do not need to use jacks anymore or will it take time and I need to supplement in mean time? If so what would you recommend.

My girls are 52 days old and been in flower for 2 weeks or so and are well on their way. 3 gallon pots using soil.


Your saying those pics are only 2 weeks into flowering?


Well sorry today makes 21 days so 3 weeks. They are 52 days old and started flowering around 1 month.

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Hey there, didnt mean to insult. Sorry.
Just never saw one like that at 2 weeks. I was intrigued.


Oh no no you are good I didn’t do the math in my head right🤣. I’m blown away by how my girls are at less than 2 months old. If I have another month or month and half left I’m going to have to start supporting my buds lol


:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: lol nice

@GrowingIs4Everyone those are some huge looking colas for such a young purdy thing lol!!


Right? I’m blown away I would be above the moon if not for the damn deficiency issue but hey it’s my first grow long as they make it to the finish line I’ll consider it mission accomplished. Here’s a few photos from this morning still not even 2 months above soil. The one plant is getting super fat, the other is super super super sticky and the 3rd I didn’t train is not fat or super sticky but has more purple ( the main cola is getting fat ).
Also side note anyone else having problems uploading pics lately? Keeps saying they are not the right format even though they are I have to screenshot my photos to upload them like wtf. Figured was some sort of issue with the site or something

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@GrowingIs4Everyone to build stacks like that she’s probably pulling every ounce of energy from every available nook and cranny in her space lol. You could probably consider increasing your P&K portions since she’s obviously a hungrier plant.


I’m hoping the Gaia green stuff will help since it’s a bloom specific nutrient and I added a slight bit more. I didn’t think of that but yea you probably right

I’m thinking Jack’s has served you well to this point.
Good luck with the Gaia Green.
I do supplement Jacks with a couple Advanced Nutrient supplements like Bud Candy, Big Bud and Nirvana. Big Bud Coco is a PK booster and Nirvana adds a little K. And as mentioned in another thread I use Jack’s 2-2-2-NPK the first couple weeks of flower


Oh yea I agree 100% I have no issues with Jacks it has definitely done me well. I just think for future grows and the fact I’m still learning my style etc Im going to try and go organic. Right now I have the time to play with my girls alot and mix nutes but I go back to work soon and like the idea of just water and top dress like once a month lol

UPS is delivering GG tomorrow. Tired of mixing all that junk, seen 420 guy on UTube he liked it. His observation that stood out to me was, takes 2 weeks to see results, but he was impressed with it. I have to repaint basement floor from nutrient stains.
I have some Recharge I plan on still using with GG. You have any input I appreciate it.
Real nice pics.
Thanks LD

Where are you seeing a phosphorus deficiency? I’m not seeing this in your pictures.

Man that’s amazing. What strain is this?