Jacks nutrients

I got a kilo of each…
Should I start with the recommended dose or is half ok?
Anything else I will need or is this good for seed to harvest…?
I plan to get Advanced final finish and sensizym

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This is the schedule I’ve been following:

I added bloom booster for 2nd and 3rd week of flowering then resuming back to normal feedings.
I’m also adding Mammoth P, kelp, and Dynomoco.


i don’t need to flush before harvest?
I read to flush then feed clean water til finish.
I also got the blossom booster…
I keep my pH between 5.5-5.8


Edited the above post, the picture upload failed twice. lol.
Flushing is a personal decision before harvesting. Some do, some doesn’t. I did a little of both last time I chopped, and I’m still on the fence on that.

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how many plants do you got going? they’re a healthy colour.
Im going to flush it then feed it water til i chop them down.
do you reccomend the recommended dose or half.
I know a lot of ppl feed half… saves nutrients.
im using a root excelerator aswell.

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That recipe I posted above, I’ve fed to seedlings, to full adults. If anyone asks I have only 12, but there may be more than twice in there. Here’s a full shot from yesterday:


Did you find in Canada? Others have been looking.

I’m interest in these nutrients. I’m in Ontario Canada, any chance you could let me know where I can find them?


how much have you spent on your grow room?
I’m just doing mine in a tent with 5-gallon buckets…
if I can figure out the science behind it I want to turn my dwc into a recirculating system. they look healthy.

you need to order them thru a shop that’s got an account with jacks.
I live in Toronto I got mine from astral grow
call and ask for evan. you can tell him jesse recommended his shop to get jacks nutrients. hes the owner.
@Dave101 @dbrn32

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I ordered mine directly from Jacks. Amazon is an option but only for the smaller bags.

How much have I invested in my grow space?
Ball park is around
$1,800 and going. Reason for this is I’m actually remodeling a designated grow space currently. I just moved.
This doesn’t include other grow related things of course.

@Covertgrower mines going to be close to 2,000$
that’s everything though. I’m still working on it. my Rockwool is sitting in the water waiting for me to plant my OG kush seeds.
what kind of lights are you running… I recommend the spyder farmer sf4000. its only 450W but its an awesome panel. I suspect to get lots of use out of it when I’m ready to grow.


I utilized the Rapid LED kit. With Cree COB’s. 3000K.

I am also interested in these nutrients. I like the simplicity of the feeding formula. How often do you feed? Mine will be roughing it in the greenhouse, lol. BTW, Amazon has the 25 pound bags, way cheaper than the 2.2 pound bags.

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I feed every time. I got the smaller bags because I was moving. When I run out I’ll get the large bags.

@jetlag i got the small bags because its my first time growing cannabis and wanted to try it out before I spent a ton on nutrients. i’ll get the big bag 1 day.
small bags are 30$ each. 1 kilo in each bag.

i bought an ink bird 306A to monitor the temp in my dwc.
hopefully i can start my seeds soon. still need a few things.

Great, I was responding to @Covertgrower where he said only the smaller bags at Amazon. Good luck with your setup, I still have a lot Fox Farm nutrients to use, but very interested in this. let us know how it goes for you.

@jetlag you can follow along in my journal if you’d like!

I would love to, how to a do that, lol

I’ll tag you.

Thank You