Jack's nutrients nitrogen and magnesium deficiency

Long story short i have nitrogen deficiency and magnesium deficiency maybe “Phosphorus” but im not too sure about that but anyway do any of guys have like a recipe for these? Because i know you’re not supposed change the formula otherwise it would mess up the feeding but I’ve just been using the 321 (3.6 formula also im a new grower so bare with me :sweat_smile: i also have some photos i took earlier this morning also checked the pH and ppm also. Both are in a 3 gallon pot of “Fox Farm ocean forest”
Bruce Banner: pH 6.3 ppm 1580
Zkittlez: pH 6.3 ppm 1630
SkywalkerOG: pH 6.4 ppm 1300


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If you are feeding in proper portions and have these PPMs, then it is unlikely that you have any deficiencies. It is normal for the lower leaves to yellow and fall off as the plant matures. More extensive yellowing could be caused by watering practices. How often and how much are you watering? Are you letting the soil dry out between waterings?


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@Hellraiser used to grow in soil


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I water every 3 days

Is your entire tent set on top of insulation or some sort of platform? You want to maintain a temp in the root zone of around 60 degrees. If the plants are sitting on a cold floor, that could be your problem.

On a carpet

I add Cal/Mag to each of my waterings. Only to the waterings and not the feedings. I think it helps a lot.


Is the pot completely dry at that point.

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Yeah basically

Yeah i didn’t think i needed the cal mag supplement anyway since Jack’s nutrients already has it but appreciate the reply tho. Awesome grow too :+1::seedling:

Make sure she’s dry and light between watering. I think i see some canoes in those leaves. Thats a sign of not letting it dry between watering.
The leaves are kinda yellow like not enough nitrogen but from what you said about ppms I don’t think thats it. More looks like its watered to often. That will also cause leaves to yellow.

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I tweak my Jack’s numbers as needed for my plants. I try to stay at the full strength ppm with whatever ratios I mix. I have to add extra epsom or deficiencies pop up fast.

They look hungry, feeding Jacks at every watering?

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Yeah the ppm before was around 2200 and I’ve used 1tbs of molasses to help it break down the salt build up in the soil but i appreciate the help doe🤙

Yes but I’ve flushed it 2x times in a row due to the salt build up in my soil

Watering to a good amount of runoff (10-20%) at every watering will avoid salt buildup. I never flush with Jacks.


Ever gotten any deficiency with Jack’s?

Not when sticking to the usual ratio 3.6/2.4/1.2


I don’t use jacks. I do know how it works from reading here. Lets just say jacks is not my cup of tea.
I can look at your plant and say that it looks like either a nitrogen deficiency or over watering because of appearance. I choose the later because of the canoeing leaves.
I use fox farms because i personally find it so easy to use. Some others have major problems with with it though. Nutes are nutes are nutes as long as used correctly.
That said try letting the soil dry out more between waterings and i think you will be ok sticking with jacks schedule. Also i have never heard of salt build up with jacks and i know i have read in excess of 500 post on here and other forums.
@Hellraiser how do you feel about the over watering can you see the canoeing and droopy leaves. Or is it just my old eyes playing tricks on me.