Jacks Nutes in FF Soil

Alrighty everyone my second crop has been underway for a bit now and my question is im in FF OF/HF 50/50 mix all plants are doing amazing this grow i switched from GH flora 3 part series to Jacks 321 formula and im curious on when do I start with my Jack’s and help is greatly appreciated

A little eye candy of my last crop of a bag seed GG


Nice candy
I know of no reason not to just switch.

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I want to know when I start feeding jacks sense im in soil with nutrients already in i dont want to over due it and burn my girls is there a certain EC or PPM in my soil I could go off of that would tell me its time to start with the Jack’s?

I mix the same blend. I been adding nutrients on week 5. Using ff trio… want to switch next grow with jacks just can’t find it ilgm store

I do not and have not used Jacks. However, I do have 25# bags of A & B waiting to used. I will start clean with a new grow. That said, one way to make the switch is to replicate the ppm you were currently doing with GH flora 3 part series if less than what Jack’s ppm is. I believe the 3.6 2.4 1.2 mix of Jacks is right around 850 ppm using RO / distilled water. I may back off the Jack’s ppm slightly the first feed but that is just my conservative nature.
I suppose you could also flush your soil. Or, do a water only so the available GH is used by the plants then start Jack’s. Under any of the options, I would monitor the plants for reaction and adjust accordingly. Eventually getting to the desired ppm.


I haven’t used the GH flora series at all on this grow just my old grow im still currently on watering ph balanced water atm.

With the soils mixed should be good from anywheres between 3 an s 5 weeks before u need to add nutes to it. Depending on ppm and tds runoff is how i would decide on how strong i would start off with jacks. I am running jacks right now in coco but also in a ffof and cocoloco mix for my photos. I cant tell u when i started using nutes with the mixed soil as i do t remember butni can yell u i started off with 5 gals of ro water and mixed up for 3 gallons of nute mix in the 5 gals and it didnt do anything harmful to the plant and i want to say it was between the 2 and 3 week from pop when i did the first feed. All u can do it give it a quarter dose and see what happens within a day or 2 if u see tips turning continue with phd water for a bit longer if no harm done give it another quarter dose. If no harm after 2 days or so next feed bump it to half power and see from there til u are at full dose. Good luck. Last pull looks nice using flora trio. I started my firat grow with gh flora trio and loved it but the cheaper easier route seemed a better try and i dont thi k ill go back. Have a gal of each of the gh left that i am gonna run in the hydro bucket to use it up lol. Iif not that will be for watering the outside garden lol.

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Thanks buddy I appreciate the help thats what ill start with then just a 1/4 strength solution first then go from there i just know I have to repot here soon. For my last time was hoping to not have to start nutes till a few weeks after that but I definitely have a couple plants that are asking for nutes and some aren’t yet

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When u repot ull prolly be good for atleast 2 or 3 weeks before u need nutes. Soil if new will have quite a bit. Get some mykos or great white to sprinkle in the hole ur putting the plant in. Helps tons. Great white works wo ders but is on the expensive side but u get what u pay for lol.

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Your soil nutrients should be good for +/- 4 weeks. The environmental conditions and overall plant health may fluctuate that a little. If you want to be on the spot with it, once they’re mature collect and measure a little bit of runoff from each watering and track.

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