Jacks and maxi series

I’ve been running General Hydroponics maxi series and know how it effects the ph of the water. Just switched to jacks 321 and am out of ph indicator. I don’t want to hear about how I need a digital ph meter, this method has worked for me for years. Im just wondering your experience with how jacks effects the ph of tap water and specifically if you have used maxi series before. Thanks

My tap starts at about 350ppm and 7.7pH. Mixing jacks at suggested ratios lands my pH at about 6.4-.5

Jacks in ro or distilled has always needed ph up in my experience. How it relates to your tap water will depend on what’s in your tap water. A neutral ph with substantial ppm won’t move a lot, but a low ppm source will most likely be dropped by standard jacks 321 recipe.

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Thanks buddy. Thats exactly what I was looking for

Can you help me out one more time? Im healing from cataract surgery and looking at screen too long makes my eye hurt. Im a few weeks into flower in coco. I can’t find a good feed chart. Wouldn’t you want more part a than nitrogen? And do i still use cal-mag. Thanks

Dont deviate from the amounts called for. Jacks 321 is balanced for feeding from veg to flower. No adjustments nessassary. If you start changing the formula, you’ll definitely end up with a deficiency. Just keep feeding the required amounts per part.
1000 PPM sets my PH to 6.5 i use tap water. Its pH is 7.1 and PPM is 180 if this helps.