Jacks 7-15-30 Finish questions

Currently using jacks ro 12-4-16 formula because I use straight ro water. Thinking of using their finish formula for the end of flower. I don’t do a clean water flush at the end so when should I start the finish formula or should I even?
(Indoor with coco)


I feed the finish weeks 8-10 followed by a straight water feed the last 2 weeks leading up to harvest :love_you_gesture:


So you feed finish week 8-10 and straight water weeks 11-12?

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Yes on weeks 8-10 and straight water the last 2 weeks. I basically figure 10-12 weeks of true flower. Some have gone sooner but only cut my water feed weeks. I’ve done the flush versus the water feed and easier with water feeding and can’t tell a difference in taste or smoothness in the smoke :love_you_gesture:

If you have strains you’ve grown and know the harvest date to be sooner I just adjust the finish weeks of feeding :love_you_gesture: