Jacks 321, whats your experience, info?

I’m currently running Jacks 321, n FF side by side. I got no connections to a certain product, but for the last year r so I been running Jacks. I, like ur self questioned FF prices. N after the 3rd bottle of Grow Big, I’m certain the fine folks at FF truly believe that they got Au n them bottles.
I’m firmly n their corner when it comes to soil. I’m not a believer that u shouldn’t feed for however long because everyone says the FFOF is “hot”. Actually I’m not an everyone say’s type n feed everything full strength from jump street. Jacks, FF, GH, don’t make no difference what the name is on the label. If the numbers work I’ll give it a go round. But when the numbers turn to dollars, I’ll take pause n go with whatever works best n the long run.
For me at this point it’s Jacks 321, simple to mix, n I’m getting great results. Good luck to u, I truly hope u find what works for ya…:peace_symbol: :heart_decoration:. :musical_note:


@JustGrowIN_0NE tbh I used it last week took both soil and run off samples and Nitrogen was through the roof but phosphorus and potassium both =0 and I mixed 1 gal full strength took multiple samples same results so idk

Thank you. 2 half pound grove bags filled but with enough room to breathe. Humidistats in bags are reading 60%. Finally finished trimming my forth and final girl this afternoon after they hung in the tent since they were chopped on 3/8.

I absolute abhor trimming! Luckily for me, I’ve a few buddies that swear it’s cathartic for them, and they help for flower. Runtz headed into the flower tent tomorrow so I can use my veg area to get my garden veggies germinated.


Update 6 days later numbers increased so I’m guessing time and consistency is key, I’ll stick with jacks