Jack's 321 rdwc

OK i know I’ve asked this question before but i just wanna confirm that if my rdwc system uses a total of 20 gallons of water and the Jack’s recipe calls for basically 3 grams of part A 2 grams of part B and 1 gram of Epsom salt per gallon that would come out to be 60 grams part A 40 grams part b and 20 grams Epsom salt right? Is that how you do it or figure it i guess i should say?

The math is correct but the formula isn’t.
The conventional 321 mix rates per gallon are:
Part A - 3.6g
Part B - 2.4g
Epsom - 1.2g
multiply each part by the number of gallons to be mixed

The JR Peters recommended feeding schedule rates is slightly different than the amounts given above

Part A - 3.8g
Part B - 2.5g
Epsom - 1.0g

the schedule can be found at
Jacksnutrients DOT com/cannabis-hemp-schedules

Yeah i knew the formula wasn’t right i was just using that as an example bc i couldn’t remember the exact formula and was to lazy to look it up lol. I was just wondering about the math so thank you for confirming that for me.

no problem
volume X grams