Jacks 321 question

I am in week 2 of flower. Been using Jacks321 and am full dose. What is the recommended feeding schedule? I am watering now every 3 days. Should I feed nutes every water? Just curious what others are doing. Thanks!

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I’m wondering same thing… following…

@Hellraiser might have Insight on this?


What media are u using coco soil dwc ect. Will help alot also.

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Happy Frog soil in 3 gallon fabric pot

Been feeding jacks 321 every feeding 3 weeks flower happy frog


So if I give Jacks321 nutes every watering, is that every 2 days, 3 days, 4 days? I have a 3 gallon fabric pot in Happy Frog soil. Thx

Whenever the pot dries out


I feed Jacks with every watering, which is daily since I’m in coco.


Hi @Chasfitter great looking grow you have there!!

I was wondering how you begin your feeding schedule with happy frog and jack’s 321. Are you growing autos?

My first time with jack’s and burnt my last grow in HF using Miracle grow. This will be my 2nd indoor grow

Sorry for jumping in on thread. Im just in the exact same situation Happy Frog in 3 gallon fabric pots. I’ll be starting those seeds in the next couple weeks

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I’m growing photos I wait till runoff ppms dropped under 1000 and fed full strength jacks 321, in flower been using some AN boosters I had left over from previous grows


Hey Abarnett88! I’ve read that Jack’s Nutrients is recommended to be used every watering. But also to monitor the ppm’s/EC and pH of your water runoff, in order to see if salts are building up in the rootzone!

Thanks @Jazzcabbage !

@Hellraiser With Jacks321, I am now in week 3 of flower. At anytime between now and harvest, should I add in any bloom to help boost flowering or just let Jacks do it’s thing?

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Do you have a good PPM meter you would recommend?

@Abarnett88 Blue labs is a good company or Hanna instruments!

I’ve only been thru 1 flowering session with Jacks and it could have used some more P & K thru flowering and a little less N from what my plants were showing. So I would add something to boost P & K, could up the part A from 3.6g to 4g or add some other PK boosters. I have not used Jacks Bloom so can’t really advise you on it.

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