Jacks 321 BUT what else?

I grow a single plant at a time in a 3x3 tent. I introduce Jacks 321 after about a month of veg and use it for each watering until harvest. I use FFOF soil. Results have been great so far.

If I I were to add 1 other supplement beyond Jacks321 to kick my grow up a notch - what supplement would you suggest?

Thank you!!!


I like Jack’s Bloom Booster. I use it according to this schedule.

I would certainly add silica.
More importantly are beneficial root enhancers. Examples:
Growers Recharge
Tribus original
Great White
to name just a few.


Do you use in hydro or autopots? Curious.

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I’ve only used Jack’s in peat, vermiculite, pumice mixes. I’m setting up AutoPots for the my next grow and am going to use Jack’s and coco.


My understanding was that soil grows don’t benefit all that much from supplemental silica. Did I get bad information or misinterpret it?

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That is a great combination.
I am not sure as to the cause but Jacks Blossom Booster fell out of suspension in the autopot trays. It also clogged up the filter inside the reservoir.

I switched to 2-2-2-MKP formula instead.


Oh wow. Thanks for the heads up. Was that just BB and water? Do you use a wave maker in the reservoir? I’ve kept jugs mixed for up to a week and never seen anything like that happen. Once I didn’t let the silica mix completely and made a mess but not like that.

Molasses, and myco product of some kind

Compost teas? :))

Epsom Salt 3.6g/gal - .317g/liter
Booster 5.6g/gal - 1.48g/liter
Voodoo Juice
Bud Candy
Rhino skin silica - liquid always first
I use a wave make for mixing and one runs 24/7 in the reservoir.

I have no clue as to what happens. The 3 advanced nutrient products are all approved for hydro use.
But something did not get along with each other.
I really should mix a small batch and see what happens

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I know some soils have some but I have always supplemented with liquid Si. The vermiculite you add to peat is also a good source. When I tried Dr. Bugbee’s peat recipe I still added Si.

Started using jack bloom booster since it came with the kit…do you notice any difference?

Same here. On one of my current plants I mixed powdered calcium silicate directly into the medium and have seen the expected benefits. I like this way much better as it makes mixing easier…for some reason I often forget to add the silica before nutrients and end up skipping it instead of starting over.

The only other MPK product I tried was Beastie Bloomz and they both seem to make buds feel more substantial. I didn’t do a side by side or anything just compared an older bud from a grow where I hadn’t used any.

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Also going to try the jack finish makes no sense letting it go to waste

interesting. not heard of using it. Is the same stuff that packaged graded cheese is coated with so it doesn’t stick together?

Credit goes to Dr. Bugbee. It’s a product called Vansil. When I went looking for it I didn’t see any gardening supply types selling it but the pottery supply people had it. It’s used in glazes or paints or something; didn’t hear anything about cheese.

That looks more like silica precipitate: may have not dissolved into solution completely for some reason.

I found it makes outdoor grows, in the high desert, a bit more forgiving. I trashed my first attempt and the only thing I changed during round 2 was silica.


Silica is not really necessary in soil. Doesn’t hurt to add it if you want the extra disease protection etc. It is necessary for plant structure as well as trichome production.

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