Jack's 321 and Hempy Bucket

At any time, do you flush Hempy Buckets? Or just Jack’s 321 every watering? Assume they never burn.

Thank you for any insight.

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I gave Sub Irrigation Planters (SIP) a try a while back. Initial results was encouraging. However, all plants eventually had pH issues. I had to deconstruct the SIP and complete the grow top feeding them.

Flushing the medium to reset and finish by top feeding.

The medium was ProMix Premium All Purpose peat with mycorrhizae and 30 - 40% perlite added. Used Jacks 321.


I should add it was not a burning issue. The issue is the medium’s pH became too high and out of range. I suspect the cause was my water being alkaline due to its calcium content (7.8 pH) and over time the unused CA in the medium increased its pH to cause high pH issues. Possibly if I used RO water or periodically flushed the medium I may have not had the issues.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I’m doing a mix of 60% Coco, 20% perlite and 20% worms castings. I do use RO water.

Is it a two bucket system similar to SIP?
If you are using Jack’s I see no need for the worm casting. Depending how much was added it can tilt if it is hydro or soil.

I drilled a hole about 2 inches from the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket. I filled that 2 inch gap with perlite. I ran a half inch pipe down to the bottom of the bucket.

The hole at 2" is the overflow?
Anything separating the perlite from coco?
I told myself if I was going to try the SIP method again I was going to provide a flushing outlet at the very bottom. Just in case…
Good luck with the grow. Are you doing a forum journal?

Correct, it’s the overflow and nothing separates the wick and Coco. I haven’t started a journal, I may do that when I switch my whole process over to this. I’m just trying 1 plant this way to see how it works.