Jackie Daytona's crazy clones grow

I’m more of tho it’s ok until it isn’t kind of person.

Like ok now half the plant is dead I don’t have this covered type ish! Might be a good way to learn what not to do and what to look out for tho :rofl:

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Flower Day 60

Were getting pretty dang close in this tent for the most part. Some faster than others.
maybe 80% all cloudy and starting to just barely see a touch of amber.
I think do to being so close these are going to keep throwing off pistils and fox tailing.

Now the 4x4 tent is not even close at this point which really sucks. This tent the lights are a mix of 3000 and 3500k and no reds and it really shows in how fast they are finishing. They are for the most part over 6 feet tall which doesn’t help much either. I don’t want this to happen again. The fox tailing is really bad in here as they are close to the lights and are kinda stressed. (understatement). and will be a pain in the ass to trim. I had them double scroged but it just got away from me. Training, training, training.

I cut out the recharge quite a while ago and they haven’t got silica for a couple weeks now. I probably could have stopped both sooner.
I also dropped the cal nitrate to 2grams from 2.4 and upped the Part A a bit a few weeks ago also in both tents to try and give them access to more P and K.

Another thing. I took to many leaves this time. It was pretty thick but I got a little overzealous and it shows. With them being so tall and crowded I didn’t have a lot of options thought. Had to have that airflow at the cost of speedy growth.
Thats about it for now.