Jackie Daytona's 4th White Widow Grow

I had this same exact issue.
I ended up buying a portable window ac and it fixed all my problems.
You will not get the temperature you need by pulling air from your next room.
I have ac from my house going in to my grow room and that itself does not cool my lung room down more less my tent.
Good luck👍

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@Sincitytoker on my 4th grow this year in this room. fortunately lung room stays pretty cool even in the summer with ac running. tent temps dont see more than 81ish which these white widow like with 5 240s in the 4x8 and 2 in the 4x4. I also have 2- 2x2s going with hlg 65s for seedlings and vege. . (part of why i chose them).

The room(garage) has no windows and brick walls. Its also a townhouse so i cant go knocking out walls or drilling holes as i have neighbors on both sides. heats not really the issue its the rh. I have to combat this with a 3500sqft dehu which isnt great on the electric bill but pays for itself after harvest.
So far it’s working but like i said not ideal but and I have done everything can to make it work. Winter was something else with ice on the garage door…

still basically first year growing anything including house plants and on my 4th grow overall. so still learning. I appreciate the input!

grow 1 which was 12 plants in a 4x8 and a 4x4

grow 2: which was 7 in the 4x8(big mistake) and 4 wedding cake autos in the 4x4 which i hated growing.

and grow 3 which were clones… i had them in veg way to long in the small tents and they got lanky and i had to top them many times. they got away from me and grew really tall and caused all kinds of issues being to close to the lights but in the end ended up with several 5 gallon Buckets full and several half gallon jars.



Hurricane fans arrived and they are huge… no way they are going into the grow tents. Ill have to keep looking.

Just wow. You’ve accomplished a lot in a short time!
I’ve never tried WW but it sounds like a good “all around” smoke from the reviews. I need to get my hands on some.
You didn’t like growing autos?

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the wedding cake autos turned into a huge ordeal for me. timing issues and other “issues” occurred and i dont wish to go through it again so no more autos for me for now. I dry in my grow tents so i need everything to finish roughly at the same time which causes issues every grow… challenging and not ideal. But it’s what i have to deal with.
The white widows are incredibly resilient. trust me when I say that I tried inadvertently to kill them several times. :rofl: Especially in the beginning.

I would like to add without this forum and its members i would never have even knew where to start let alone get this far and be able to grow what I have. Just an incredible group of people.


You might want to look in to a good defoliation next time maybe.
My RH went down almost 15 % from 55-69% to 40 %.
I’m no expert but if you have not defoliated in the past maybe give it a shot next time.
It will definitely open up air flow and less stuffy in the tent.


Man I tell you what, you couldn’t be more correct about the folks here. I’m not even growing yet but just bouncing around soaking up info like a sponge. Every dang body is chill & freely shares the knowledge.
I recently retired (early) and couldn’t smoke for many years due to the job. Now I can! But the search for the “perfect” weed has been ongoing. Heavy indica, not for me. And some sativa I’ve tried is pretty intense/overwhelming too! And I never considered myself a lightweight.
So my search & research continues. One hit at a time lol.
All the different grow styles shown here are letting me get a handle on how I want to pursue it when I jump in.
Question. Have you considered coco yet? Not that what you’re doing isn’t knocking it outa the park, just curious on your thoughts about it.


I did a pretty big defol right before flip and went in early this time and had to clean up the bottoms. I don’t think i took enough though. These white widow get really bushy and put off a lot of fan leaves. Once stretch is done i plan on getting in there and taking as much as I can without causing issues. I usually end up with several trash bags full after stretch. switching to promix caused another issue as the medium is always wet so once again rh. I basically have the dehu blasting on the intake fan filters 24/7

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I am thinking about coco and will do some more research. I researched for well over a month before planting my first seed and i still wasn’t prepared. It sounds like you are on the right track with getting as much input as you can. People have this notion part farmers are lazy hippies. I dont think that can be farther from the truth.

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I would consider a nice defoliation come day 21 or when ever they stop stretching.
I personally yanked off every leaf as big or bigger than my hand.
It worked out good for me.
Big difference in RH also…

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Spotted a moth in the tent today. or butterfly . It was elusive like a ninja. I would go to one side to grab it and it would fly to another spot i couldn’t reach or just vanish. I opened the tent up and was looking and looking and then it flew in besides from OUTSIDE THE TENT. i still couldn’t catch it. Sooo I decided today was a good day @14 to do a good defoliation and get rid of all the little crappy branches that weren’t going to be anything and open the plants up. It was really getting crowded. After pulling all the plants for defol i still couldn’t find ninja moth. So i am hoping it flew away or got to close to the exhaust tube. I will have to keep my eyes open for it.

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day 17F and it look like stretch is over.
Plants are just about 4ft from floor to tallest top give or take. So right where i wanted them. I have a couple shorter ones which is fine. Just happy they aren’t 6 ft tall this run. They for the most part have nice thick branches all the way up so I am happy about that… I am hoping since i am not so close to the lights to minimize light /heat stress and any foxtailing this run.
Node spacing looks good also. They just look good.

I upped the Part A to 4g a gallon and will keep it there through flower for a little added bud growth and upped the magnesium a tiny bit.
Rh and temps are right in range aside from spikes at lights out if i am not on top of my game with the dehumidifier. I set it lower before lights out to drive the rh down a bit. Pretty soon I will just set it to continuous to keep that rh low once buds really start forming.

the hurricane fans were a bust and i am still trying to figure out how to get more air moving without blasting the plants. The fans were just to big.
EDIT: I am seeing a little potassium deficiency in one plant I do believe. Second photo. i think upping the Part will help that… also will be stopping the recharge so incase its to much Nitrogen causing an issue that should help. Or it could just be genetics of that plant.



looking good kidda

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how do you expect us to look at the fans when the weed is massive i just can not take my eyes off the bud. i try to look at the fans but its just the bud, all i can see is bud big beautiful bud well f.cking done. just can not stop looking at this pic x

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went in today and moved some plants around. one smaller one to the other tent (4x4) to try and get some canopy uniformity. I also put some bamboo in and tried to open the plants up as much as I could. I ran out of bamboo and unfortunately every store in my area is out. which reminds me i need to order some right now. I also added a few more fans.


day 27 of flower

got in and did some cleanup for air flow. I dont like taking a lot of leaves but they are packed in there. Ill sacrifice a little to get more air flow around the swelling bud sites and through the branches and better separation. upped the part A last several weeks to 4g per gallon and a touch more magnesium. recharge every 3 days. about half a tsp in the last half gallon or so that goes in… Added another fan to get more air movement.
4x8 -6 3 9’ fans up top and 2 below.

Still have one in the 4x8 the looks deficient so i am not sure whats wrong with it. only one i have that is having issues. just going to let it ride and keep an eye on it. I suppose i could mix up a special feed for it every day but that would be a pain in the ass with my schedule in the morning.

4x4 -3 added 2 9" fans up top and one below.

Im really starting to see (once again) where i could reduce the number of plant and get the same yield by spreading them out more.

the shower curtain rods i used as high cfm supports are all but useless now as the are all bent out of shape. looking into what else i could use instead to keep the tent from taking up to much real-estate when under neg pressure.


flower day 32.

Have made a observation regarding the two plants in the middle of the 4x8. they are under the lone 3k with no cree reds. the others are under 3500k with reds. The bud structure is significantly less dense than and thinner than any of the other plants. So i pulled the 3k and put a 3500 in with no reds to see if that helps. I will probably buy a new light with reds for the next run.

other 4x8

and the 4x4


day 36 flower.
Been having an rh issue so i have had to crank the Dehumidifier way up causing some heat issue. Im seeing low 50s in one part of the tent and high 50s in the other in the 4x8. 4x4 is pretty good constantly in the low 50s. It is absurdly humid here right now so this isn’t helping. I normally run these white widows around 80-82 but am seeing 85 and caught it even higher the other day which makes me and the plants uncomfortable. I am seeing some heat stress on some leaves as well as Premature orange stigmas possibly. I didn’t recall any this early before and went back and looked at my journal from couple grows ago and was seeing some orange @ day 35 so I am not as stressed about that now.

I also dialed the lights back a touch.

I am however very stressed about the grow in general. This by the looks of it my best run so far. The buds are nice and fat with little larf. The height just where I wanted them aside from slight over crowding but far less then any grow before. However after my bout of botrytis last run on a couple plants(tossed one whole plant) I am very anxious hence why i have the dehumidifier cranked at the expense of heat. I am also worried the extra heat may cause hermies. I did a clean up today and plucked some leaves that were covering and hindering air flow as i normally do at this time. I also staked a few thinner branches that were starting to lean a bit.

I have added another 9" fan so i have tons of air flow blowing through the branches and circulating air. I am just paranoid now about disease. Gloved hands only in the tent and all that. I only have tents open long enough to water and clean up and thats it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Ah i also cut back the part b a bit bit am wondering if that may cause some cal issues and if so any suggestions?

@Hellraiser @Covertgrower

I also have one plant that a little scragly compared to the other so I am keeping a close eye on it. You can see part of it in the bottom of that photo.


Cutting back on Part B would be your calcium. Magnesium is the epsom salt.
You’re pretty late in flowering you could cut back if you wanted to.
I ran 321 all the way to the end though.


I was thinking they may not need the extra nitrogen this far in but may just go straight through then with the 3-2-1 if it is going to cause issues.