Jackie Daytona's 4th White Widow Grow

things are not looking good now for two of the plants in the 4x4.


You got this my guy!

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still not sure whats going on. now its looking like nitrogen issues maybe. rechecked ppm and it came in at 1150 . I wasnt seeing canoeing but raised the lights soem more. smallest is starting to yellow. . Runoff is coming fast and a lot. more than i have ever seen before. but pots are heavy as normal with the promix and jacks. nothing changed in my setup… i certainly hope it is not a bad batch of promix. but i doubt that. I pulled the fans up in the 4x4 also so less wind. i am kinda stumped. right now.

i felt around the bags and they didnt seem very compact. some pockets maybe especially along the outsides of the bags. i gently compressed the soil. maybe the water is just running through or causing root structure issues?

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@Hellraiser @Covertgrower I am getting runoff numbers from 12-1400. and ph of 5.8-5.9 . i did give some recharge however thatll drive that up… I dont usually chase numbers with jacks and promix. they have always been high. not sure what to do at this point.
I dumbed te mix down again with some distilled so its sitting at 1100 right now with a 5.9 ph. i could flush and give a regular strength mix or just let it ride. I also pulled the lights up to 24"
any help would be appreciated,

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mixed a new batch of water with a new filter. regular strength 5.8 -1100 ppm with the truncheon on the nose. I normally use some warm water to help dissolve but stuck to distilled this time. maybe something is going on with the water. I cant go back to ro as it just uses to much. going to top them off with some recharge after a good drain. Im really hope i didnt get some bad promix if that’s possible. it looked good and fresh. could it be over watering… i dint think that was possible with promix. every day as I have last two grows in it.

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added some wetted promix to the tops of all the pots. i think i may have potted the a little low this time. they still had about 3" under the roots or more however. Just trying everything i know here.

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Your runoff numbers look good and does not look like something that would happen with over-watering. It was good to raise the lights, best to back off on lights when issues pop up, just have to give it some time and see how they respond at this point.


thanks for the response. doing that now.

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day 34 veg. @Covertgrower @Hellraiser what a difference a few days make and the changes seem to have been spot on. i think roots are getting established now as I am needing more water to get the same amount of runoff and biomass has has really taken off. The lights were just to close i think.

even the one that was looking like it was on its last legs made a great comeback.



the others all look pretty much like these two. Not seeing any deficiencies now.


Nice, they are looking much better!


They look very happy :smiley: in there!


pre flip cleanup day. Ill let them go today and tomorrow and have monday evening be the start of the 12/12 cycle at day 38. I think that has given them enough time to recover from the light stress and get a good amount of roots down. i will also up the part A a bit with the jacks after flip. I am also slowly raising the wattage on the 240s. started at 120 and raising it a bit every day. I only have 3 going right now in the 4x8. so 1 above each plant basically. 2 going in the 4x4. Ill flip the others on in a few days after flip and try and be careful not to stress them.
I pulled the plants from the tents and gave them a trim. mostly anything on the lower 1/3- 1/2 of the plant. interior leaves that get no light and any bud sites and thin that will not amount to anything. If it was not at or very close to canopy it got the chop. It also opens the plant up for better air flow and easier watering which was a pain in the ass with the branches pulled down so low this time. I did not clip as many fan leaves as I normally do as the plant needs these for transpiration and I don’t want to slow it down any more than need be. they will get removed later as the plant stretches and produces more and they arent needed.

I Used fingers for the light leaves that plucked off easy and anything that doesn’t come right off i use the trimers. Pulling on a small branch or bud site and stripping the outer layer of the branch is not a good thing and stresses the pant and leaves a wound which can be a place for infection. I want them to recover quickly.


I also pulled all the lower training tie downs off yesterday and a few i missed today. I probably could have done that a little sooner. I also added a few to pull down some runway tops and open the canopies up on some of the plans up a bit.
I also took this time to do a cleanup. pulled the pans and cleaned them out and cleaned up any spills and soil and what not that made it to the floor of the tents.

Last couple grows I did the double scrog. I hated it . yes it gave me a a good canopy however getting enough airflow in tents was a constant struggle with all the bio mass. I ended up with some botrytis last grow and was not happy. It was also a huge pain in the ass to work around. Yes I can get more yield that way but sometimes more can lead to Rh and other issues. especially for my environment. I ended up last grow with 3- 5 gallon buckets full and several 1/2 gallon jars but at a cost of losing one whole plant and half a dozen large tops.
I will most likely end up adding one net for support a little later in flower when the stretch really starts if I am not seeing the branches getting large enough for supporting large colas. I would rather just stake them and have main branches and main colas but it never works out that way.

I am seeing 1 plant showing signs of what looks like heat/ light stress. It is the only one in the main tent. I am chalking that up to genetics and will keep a close on that plant. If it turns out to start looking not health I may pull it. Id rather pull an unhealthy plant than have it be the one that is more susceptible to disease get infected and infect he rest of the grow.
thats about it for now.

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