Jackie Daytona's 4th White Widow Grow

Well I’m still at it. This time starting my 4th grow in a year and 4th grow ever.
All plants are ILGM White Widow photos. I am going with 9 this time. Six in the 4x8 and 3 in the 4x4.
The plan is to keep them shorter and more well trained So I don’t have a repeate of this debacle over here .
They are going into 5 gallon pots with Promix-Hp and I will be using Jacks 3-2-1 formula with silica blast, recharge and I may pickup some Impello Tribus. I will add some xtreme mykos when I pot them up as well. Just using regular tap with an rv filter on. Was doing Ro but I cant see a difference since stopping and my EC/PPM seems fine.

Here they are in all their glory.

I put them in a cup of regular tap water with a couple drops of peroxide a few days ago and stuck them in one of the empty 2x2s with an HLG 65. 24hrs later they all had tails.

They then went into cups with distilled water Premoistened Promix-hp and I mixed in some xtreme mykos. Then into one of the 2x2 tents that I moved to a different room. Still in flower here in the main grow and the dehumidifier blows directly at the 2x2 area making it a bit to warm. I just didn’t want to deal with the promix drying out super fast and fighting RH or any of that.
I put them in a try with a dome for a little more RH and warmth as the ac is running 12hrs a day here for the plants in flower and I want to keep these babys warm. I have heat matts but i dont trust them as I had some issues my first grow with them drying out the medium when the sensor wasn’t reading right.

And day later they were above ground.
I will keep them under 24hrs of light for a week or so which is yet to be determined at this point. Need to go back and look at my notes for grow 1-2 which were both from seed.
When they are ready they will go into the big tents under the kingbright 240s 4 or 5 inthe 4x8 and 2 in the 4x4. 3000-3500k . AC infintiy exhausts and intakes and basically the same as the last grows.
I really want shorter plants with really defined main branches and less crowded larfy growth. After all we are growing flowers and the added biomass is a headache for RH and air movement later.

Just want to say I would never have been able to do any of this without the great tutelage and advice from the awesome growers here. Thank you.
Thats about it for now. Thanks for taking a look.
Going to tag a few folks if you don’t mind.
@Hellraiser @Covertgrower @Breezy @Nicky


Tagging along as always. We joined the forum around the same time so I’ll always watch your grows @Jackie_Daytona! Thanks for the tag! Can’t wait to see the end results!

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Let’s get growing, I’m watching.


I’m watching .


Watching along.

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here they are 4 days after breaking ground.

Pulled the dome and put them on elevators. I put a wet t-shirt in the tent to keep the RH up and small fan blowing above them to keep air moving and make them just barely twitch.
Rh in the 80s temps between 75-80
still under 24 hrs light with the hlg-65 about 16-18"
Once they toughen up a bit I will probably lower it to keep stretching to a minimum and observe how they react.
I turned on the acInfinity 4" to the “1” setting to draw some air in and out of the tent. Just to keep things fresh. I also put a heater outside the tent to keep it warm with that air being drawn in while the ac is running for the main grow. . I will probably check on it a dozen more times to make sure but I do have two sensor push units in the tent.
Just watering with Ph’d 5.8-6 filtered tap right now.
Ill probably let them go another 3 days before I begin feeding. Maybe till The second set of leaves are bigger.
I know a lot of people say I can start jacks full strength but I will probably start at 1/3 strength. Last time I went full strength on seedlings they did not like it.
I will also add a touch of recharge in there and a little silica.
Put a few mosquito bits in as I have seen a few gnats buzzing around. I will water them in next watering. I also put a couple yellow stickies in there. I live in gnat central with a million gnats just outside so and the bugs are coming out full force this year. I caught a few beatles in the main grow room already.
Anyway thats about it.


Day 12. Some good growth this last week. Ac infinity on 1 setting and a small fan indirectly blowing making them twitch. RH around 55 and temps I try and keep between 72-76F. HLG 65 @ maybe 14"? Not sure haven’t measured it. They did start to get a little stretch after the first week and when the second set of leaves were big enough I lowered the light.

They got a few days of filtered tap water @ 1/3 strength jacks and some recharge.
Yesterday They got Full strength jacks and about 1ML per gallon of Silica Blast. I plan on slowly increasing the silica as they grow.
Ill probably give them a little recharge next watering.
I had seen a few fungus gnats buzzing around then put the stickies in and added some mosquito bits to the top soil. I also Put some ac filter material over the intake tube and haven’t seen them since.

Now had a two leaves on different plants develop a couple spots. This May have been from water dripping on them or the start of something but I see none of that on any new growth so I am not worrying about it. They should be getting everything they need at this point.

And thats about it for now.

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Day 16.

These are getting transplanted to 1gallon plastic pots tomorrow. grow 2 I used 1 gallon fabric pots for my size up. Never again. It was terrifying taking them out with roots stuck to the fabric and I am sure stressed them. I know I was stressed. The slide right out of the plastic pots nice and easy.

After a while in the 1 gallons they will go into the big tent In 5 gal fabric pots.

I am about to wrap up the current grow. So they will be in the 1 gallon pots probably 12-14 days. A little long to be in the 2x2 tents but I will do my best to keep them trained down when they get big enough.

They have been getting full strength jacks and I have been slowly ramping up the Silica blast. They will get full strength silica maybe 5 days from now for medium to small sized plants probably 2-3 mil per gallon. Recharge every couple days.

@Hellraiser would you say thats the right approach for the silica?


Transplanted. no pics yet. I have 9 in 1 gallon pots in the 2x2 under 1 hlg 65. I was wondering @Hellraiser @Covertgrower would I be ok adding another 65 to the 2x2 to get more coverage? they are pretty spread out now. thanks for the input!


Looks good! Um what’s the footprint on the light if you can fit it then sure yeah msot coverage the better.
You should be starting to give them a bit more light soon so they don’t stretch.

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|Power|65 Watts|
|LED|120 Samsung LM301H LED’s|
| Flowering Footprint|2’ x 1’ or 1’ x 2’|
|Veg Footprint|2’ x 2’|
|System Efficiency|165 Lm/W|
|System PPF Efficacy|2.35 μmol/joule|
|Total output|152 PPF|
|Dimensions|11 x 9.5 x 2|

It says veg footprint 2x2 but I want to drop it lower to keep them short. If I do that the ones on the outside will not get the light. I can fit 2 in there. they are small.

This being said it dawned on me that the only reason they are in a different room crammed in one 2x2 is i am in flower in the main room with the dehu on full blast. Im harvesting tomorrow. So I will probably be able to split them up and put them in two different 2 2x2s after harvest in the main grow room and not worry about it. As the dehu wont be blasting.

On another note. I noticed not nearly as much root growth during transplant this run, The only thing I did different was no Tribus.


Sounds like you have the knowledge and the plan

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thanks I updated the post. I had a brain fart.

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So they are staying in this tent another week as I am letting the clones grow go another week.I added the the other hlg65 and will keep an eye on them.


Yep, sounds good.

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Sure, would promote faster growth, if that is what you want.


day 25, I missed posting for a while. Today was transplant day from the 1 gallon plastic pots. Great root structure and these plants seem very strong. Nice and thick already. They were in the 2x2 longer than i would have liked but not to bad. I will pull them tomorrow and get those branches bent and trained to spread them open and keep them short as possible as well as a little selective defoliation where needed. Nothing crazy. I do not want 6ft tall plants again.

All plants got transplanted into 5 gallon fabric. I pre wetted the promix hp and added some extreme mykos as i had A had a huge bag of it. I also watered full strength and topped them off with some recharge.
about 120w @16"ish inches.

Ive got 3 in the 4x4 and 6 in the 4x8. I will move a couple around to get the smallest or what i perceive are going to be the smallest in the 4x4.


and here they are after a little lst. kinda late but better late than never. I used those soft wire ties and and just poked holes in the bag and gently bent them over. managed to not break any branches this time! thats a first.


So i have a issue popping up on a few of the plants. The runt of the bunch has it worst and it got much worse over night.

It has also manifested in a much less degree on a few other plants.

They are getting tons of runoff and regular strength jacks and silica with some recharge every couple days. Being watered and feed every day.
So I was thinking maybe with the added light …I have one 240 @120w above 2 plants and 1 above the single runt, that they may be using a lot of cal/mag . So i pulled the lights a few more inches up from 16" to 18-20" and upped the part B and the magnesium sulfate a bit. Ph of of 5.7-5.9 (Promix hp) and ppm of around 1050-1100. new mix as of today is right @1200. With filtered tap. watering really slow now

They are getting good air flow and temps are pretty mild at 75F-78F during the day and 72-74F at night with rh 60ish +/- 3 cycle dependent
Maybe with he fresh transplant the added light and not fully established root structure caused this sudden deficiency? Any thoughts would be appreciated

@Hellraiser @Covertgrower

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Based on your description I would dim, or raise the light, but you already did that. I think that was the issue.
Changing the nutrients will help too. So your covered there too.