Jackie Daytona and the 5th white widow grow (and one lake tahoe )

Getting pretty close on most of these. some look about ready some not so much
I got a couple doing wonky stuff forming odd bud sites which makes me think they may be trying to seed up on me. not sure though.

This is the lake tahoe

smaller hard frosty nugs with odd node spacing. but was easy to grow.

one of my mutant WW/ so hard has me kinda sketched out and i may chop this one tomorrow as i dont want any rot forming in there.

another WW

and some not so done but getting close. they will just keep throwing foxtails so i am going by trichs.

@Hellraiser @Covertgrower thoughts?


Great looking buds! Yeah they look like they are about ready.


Other than gorgeous, nothing from me.

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not so awesome update regarding this grow. Due to family issues I neglected this crop when it was drying. it was turning out to be one of the best but in the end not so much. i managed to save and rehydrate a lot of it but it turned into an is what it is harvest. the next grow which is in week whatever of flower i actually let them almost die in the 1 gallon pots, like several of them were limp and fallen over but I snapped out of it and brought them back to life. this happened a few times. they are going pretty strong right now surprisingly but didnt get proper training. they are barneys farm jelly biscuits and solfire dos si do 33 and a couple lake tahoe. I fukd up and didnt label them when i transplanted into the 1 gallon pots so i have no idea which is which. lol

I dind’t do a journal for this last grow as my life was chaos and heartache and not sure if i am doing another any time soon.

Bummer. For the over-dried, I have found that decarbing, and infusing into Cannacaps they can make great sleep meds, I hope things turn arounf soon.

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