Jackie Daytona and the 5th white widow grow (and one lake tahoe )

So I didn’t document this grow like the others. Been busy and at this point it is getting repetitious. Once again I am doing ILGM white widow but have one Best Coast genetic Lake Tahoe. It is a blue dream blue afghan cross and a regular seed. So could go either way. Not seeing any nads yet. I know asking for trouble with my harvest times. But i have another 4x4 i can setup for drying or keeping one going if needed.
I didnt scrog this run just like the last. I may drop a net for support after defol. not sure. Last run i used bamboo but was reading that could cause issue with contamination so I may pick up plastic/ metal stakes. I lie being able to take the plants out to work on them and hate the nets in this enclosed space.

I am about ten days into flower i think. :laughing: I didnt document it and lost track.
Feeding jacks 3-2-1/ promix hp at around 1100ppm with recharge every 3 days or so which is probably over doing it. With the jacks i went with 4grams of part A once I flipped to flower and they did now mind.
All plants are in almost 5 gallon pots. so 3 in the 4x4 and 6 in the 4x8. again.
Only running 4 of the 240s/260s in the 4x8 this run as I just dont think the 5th is needed and may have been causing some light stress on previous runs. And 2 in the 4x4. All wattage close to max at around 250/260. @ 30"ish.
so here they are
4x8 I have one that is just huge and cloud probably take up half the tent on its own If i would have done it right. but not a clone so never can tell.

and the 4x4. I kept these as small as possible by by keeping the branches tied down but we will see. they are about A week behind the others unfortunately.

one of these is the lake tahoe… I lost the tag during transplant. :rofl: I think its the far right one.

So now just wating for stretch to be over so i can get in and do some defoliation and clear any remaining sucker branches and the like.

Also having some issues with my mix clouding over in my 55 gallon barrel this run for some reason. just not looking great after two days. tried water mover and some other things to no avail . so now im just mixing for the day which defeats the purpose of the barrel until i figure it out.

@Hellraiser @Covertgrower and others thanks for all the help this year. Much appreciated.


Looks like you don’t need any now! Haha. Looking good in there.


haha. thank you. Always looking for knowledge and guidance.
Noticed I had some bud sites get covered the last few days in the pics so plucked a couple leaves to open it up a bit.

Thinking about moving the smallest out of the 4x8 and making it smaller and sticking it in the 4x4 so the big one can have more space.


Looking good!


Very pretty…


Awesome job!


Got in and defoliated yesterday. Did something i havent done in the past and every branch i took or large fan leaf I put a dab of honey on the end. Normally just do it for the big ones but decided to cover those entry points to help prevent any infections. I’m sure theres a better product for that but i dont have it.

Cleaned them up pretty good for max air flow and weeded out the shity branches that weren’t going to produce anything, clog up the plant or moving to far horizontally and crowding things up. Much easier this run knowing that rooting for that underdog branch never works out and is just more work and stress on the plant later. Took more than I would if i had a larger space. Just trying to help with the humidity/air flow and light penetration.

It was nice being able to take the plants out to work on them and clean up the trays and and floor with peroxide but not having the net is going to suck later. Defoliation is over I may try and fiddle a net down over them for support. But i know i may damage them in the process so I am mulling it over but i dont have much time to decide.

One thing that happened again this run with these ILGM white widow is this. This isn’t from this run but I have two plants with a branch that look like this.

Not sure what the deal is but i cut them off as they produce odd super dense buds with tons of red hairs that i don’t like and i think they suck up plant resources.

So here are the others in the 4x8

another thing. these pots are a little smaller than the normal ones i use. maybe an inch or more. I definitely noticed a smaller trunk diameter so far this run. not sure if that is pot related or what.

Oh and heres the 4x4. 2 ww and a lake tahoe

pretty sur this is the lake tahoe and so far not nuts. fingers crossed.

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flower day 25 maybe? i dunno.
looking ok. i got a couple with premature red hairs on a few buds. one with a leaf rubbing it so i moved that. not sure about the other. Anyway.
everything the same as before with watering and light. only difference now is I am trying to bring that rh down to the low 50s and keep temps below 81. Night time temps around 75-76 rh around 50.
I got one runner so i bent the top over the others are an ok distance from the lights. fresh seeds so everyone has a little diffrent characteristic for the most part. I got one that going to have huge colas which sounds great but those are the ones that I am leery of when it comes to botrytis. Tried to get a little bigger node spacing this run but this ones genetics said naa im going to stack.

The one regular seed Lake tahoe was a female so thats a bonus. I would have hate to have tossed her./him… err whatever.


one of these is the blue dream. :rofl: not sure which one. im thinking the back right but cant be certain. will get in there and give them a look over and try and figure it out.

Oh. i bought a bunch of yoyos for the inevitable. I figured it might be easier when the inevitable happens and easier than string. especially at harvest. the sting was such a pain. will probably scrog next run if i just hate what happens this time.


Nice bud factory you got going!


thank you sir. much appreciated.


So here we are call it day 30F



I’ve got some yoyos going in the 4x8 and did a clean up for more airflow again.

Having some Rh issues the last 3 or so days. It’s been 80-100% humidity out side. Having a hard time keeping things under 50RH so im a little on edge to say the least about that. got the dehu blasting the intakes and trying to keep the air moving but it is a battle and I wish i had more room for oscillating fans. Rh outside is supposed to drop significantly by saturday.

I have one plant with a few shitty looking leaves but not much i can do about that and will hope for the best and keep an eye on it. if it starts looking sickly i’ll probably cull it but at this point it isn’t that bad.

Keeping things as clean as possible and using gloves and sleeves i bought off amazon as last time i went in with no sleeves my arms came out with a slight rash.

Also some really odd long stemmed leaves this run. I am wondering if not enough light. i went with only 4 260s in the 4x8 this run to try and save electric. but it did not. lol.

will get in the 4x4 tomorrow and do a selective defol for more air flow.


Plants are doing well. Getting frosty and fat however No photos today. able to get that rh down in the 45 range… even lower with a second dehu./ Saw a little spike up to 50 at lights out but it’s coming down now. So hoping for the best.

Anyway. ordered some seeds today. dos si dos 33 and some Gelly Biscuit. So looking forward to something new.

@Hellraiser @Covertgrower sarted watering this morning and all of a sudden saw white floaties. pulled them out and sure enough long white larva of some kind. doesnt look like fungus gnats. long segmented black down the middle but with feelers and legs crawling around. toped with mosquito bits and watered them in real good.

thrips possibly? I dont see any leaf damage and the plants look good

so maybe not thrips because im not seeing anything flying around but a few gnats outside of the tent . Possibly springtails? looks more like that with the black stipe and antlers and segments. The plants look great also so im stumped right now.

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I’m not real good at bug identification, however adding the mosquito bits will kill them off, just continue being proactive.

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I’m thinking spring tails from what i am seeing. Small segmented long bodies. with feelers and crawling. definitely not fungus gnat larva. I also only found them in my two pots that drain the slowest with large roots on top. either way they got the mosquito bits so they are goners at any rate. not seeing any signs of bug activity on the plant it self or damage aside from a few toasted tips from pushing the nutes a while back.

these are definitely springtails and are still going strong after putting in the bits. I probably should have left them alone but panicked. they are a sign of healthy soil i am reading and are beneficial to an extent. At least i wont be seeing any fungus gnats. lol

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When thrips show up you’ll see alot of “sliverish” markings on the leaves pretty quick. Sounds like spring tails which aren’t harmful to plants and can be beneficial even.


so the springtales are in most of the pots now despite the application of mosquito bits. defiantly springtales as i can see them launching themselves. Not seeing any issues with the plants aside from them not getting done faster. Getting pretty antsy and anxious as usual as this is the time bad things can happen.