Jackie AKA Jack Herer (indica variety) in DWC

Here is another journal with a totally different method of growing. I can not believe how freaking fast she is growing in a DWC. She is 21 days old.

I just topped her this morning
I also didn’t know how i was going to LST her but saw a video and this guy put command hangers around the lid for a place to anchor the tie down.
Also because she is in DWC i had to anchor the base with a hanger to one side and them bend it to the other. If i didn’t anchor her she would of just toppled over.because the roots dont have anything to grab on in the water.


This is her a the start of week three. She has been topped and growing like crazy.Look at the size of the stem already.

topped and starting to grow

And a nice Side View of her

image nice job

@Budbrother @raustin @anon95385719 @TDubWilly @Poseidon @hangthebanksters I need some teaching on topping. If you guys could look at the picture and show me some edited versions of what branches to top along with the main stem. I am better at following direction then i am at just experimenting. Thanks for the help.

Not much to say but I’d get rid of…

Those 3 should do it for rn


Right now, I would just clean the bottom leaves.

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Yep, I agree, take those off, but I don’t think she’s quite ready to top.

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I understand. What i am asking is when she is ready. Do i also top the side branches? I thought of topping as taking the top off the plant I do not know if you also top the lower branches. When the two top branches grow out do i also top those?

Or is it basically you can take the tops off any stem to get more branches from the stem? Is it i am just trying to get a certain shape of the plant with the maximum yield?

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Good morning - sorry I misread your question. My indirect experience is to top at node 4 or 5. That chop will produce two new main stems. Tuck, trim, or otherwise train the growth to expose the canopy to full light. As the new main branches grow, repeat.

I would limit to three tops at a time so you don’t stress it too much and start the Hermie train rollin’

So… top at 4, tuck and train, top some more, fill the canopy, flip to 12/12, wait impatiently…

This is just how I have seen it performed on photoflower strains. Autoflower strains normally FIM once at node 4 then train… no more cutting.

Hope this helps a little. Hopefully others can add/correct my input…

Have a good Sunday :grimacing:

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You can top any branch so side shoots are game

1 become 2 becomes 4 becomes 8 …

@Poseidon explained it very well. You can top any branch you want, including side branches. You top to create a certain shape in the plant, so try to visualize what you want the plant to look like and top to make it happen.

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Miyagi could not agree more, Daniel-San …


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Exactly what i needed to know I love this community so much you guys are my peeps. So in my DWC experiment a couple of the Clay Balls broke apart and settle on the bottom but not before they adhere to some of my roots and the air hose. So to prevent root rot i went and got a new 2.5" Cylinder air stone to really aerate and move the water around along with UC Roots its to help with build up and prevent root rot and can be used with your nutrient solutions. I also learned something new about what happens when you top you drive the other lower stems to grow more. The nodes produce this little bump at the stem showing you that those stems are getting more energy now I thought it was really neat when i looked at my girl and saw the bumps :slight_smile:

Side note @Poseidon I think i did it again. I pinch her top as a means to top her and it looks like it turned out to be a FIM again lol i got two pronounced nodes going but the stem itself has started a 3rd one lol. If i do this one more time and get the same results i will chalk that up to being skilled lol at FIM


I FIM’d my WWA intentionally,only once, and got 5 mains… I am a fan of the fim :wink:

You may want to think about armorSI to help in the seedling stage. Or your silica supplement of choice. I try to be as “vendor neutral” as possible. There are lots of choices

I have armor si already. Since its a hydro grow she needs a supplement for stem str. I think that is what armor si is for. @Poseidon

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Yup!! Awesome :wink: