JackD's closet grow

So I had a mishap. I had everything in the flower chamber on a board sitting on 3 1-gallon plant pots. Doing my evening inspection and find both of the plants laying on there side smashed against the wall because the plastic pot collapsed. Surprisingly everything is ok now and nothing was broken. A little adjustment on the LST and they are doing well this morning.

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If you weren’t growing them so darn big and healthy you wouldn’t have these kind of problems…

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:metal::seedling::potted_plant::evergreen_tree:Thank you, she is a super nice plant to grow. I have to remember to bulk up the shelves and stands as well.

Diana has a new friend.

Bud box got some finishing touches.

Go ahead zoom in and check it out.

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Laura (Gelato 33) is stretching and stacking.

I do believe Carmen is a Cameron and will be discarded today.
I could say that it was a waste of time but each grow teaches us something new and I am grateful for the experience.

Lela(Grandaddy Purple) donated a few clones this weekend and will be going in the Bud Box today.

Letty (Sour Deisel) started her training.

Diana (Warhammer) is absolutely gorgeous and healthy. Flowers everywhere.

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Just a few leaves off and in the bud box Lela goes.
Huge leaf alert! It was one of the first leaves. Sitting in a 12 inch saucer.

Just an update, Diana is moving right along. Lela is starting to blast pistils.
Happy growing

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Laura (Gelato#33 auto) This girl right here has given me a hard time and a good lesson. Autoflower plants first grow! They are high maintenance. She is ten weeks old, about 6 weeks in flower. Her readings are 6.7PH and about 800 PPMfrom the runoff. She looks to be starving to me but I don’t know. I am feeding her 6.3 PH and 1200 PPM.

This little one popped its head out almost 2 weeks ago and is now pushing it 3rd node and tiny. That’s why we named her Lucy after the Little’s cartoon character from the 80’s.

Looks like Forbidden Fruit will joining the fun. I named her Eve for obvious reasons.

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