Jack’s vs. Grow Dots: Rebooted

I think I posted this before but I’ll do it again this answers a lot of questions kind of long but entertaining Realgrowers GrowDots 420 Friday Happy Hour With Scotty Real & Soup: Patreon Sneak Peak - YouTube


I think it would work just like miracle gro. Maybe supply a little extra at the onset but ultimately would be fine. If you had a lot of rain consistently, you’d probably have to top dress sooner rather than later during the Grow cycle.


No need to worry about that down here … :crying_cat_face: :sob:


Yeah, that’s the least of my concerns with an outdoor grow out here.

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i put my leftover clones outside with supersoil and grow dots (heavy) plus recharge to boost roots at the start .
been 3 weeks and they have rooted well , and growing .
if you think the grow dots run out to soon . you can top-dress them with the dots too . hi everyone and good luck.
:alien: Happy Growing