Jack’s v. Grow Dots in Coco


Photos from last night, day 33 (I think)

Grow Dots is taking off.

No Dots tagging along - less bushy. Still gotta blame the FIM a bit but not sure how much.

Still no signs of major burn or any deficiencies on either of them. I’m hoping to shuffle some stuff around tonight or tomorrow night to get them under better lights.


The grow dots is proving to be pretty good stuff! Think she’s gonna hold the whole grow??

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I have no idea. This strain is a fairly fast XXL, and the veg dots are supposed to support 6 weeks in veg. It’s been a little under 5 weeks now.

Theoretically I’ve got 1 more week of veg nutes and 10 weeks of bloom nutes remaining in the Grow Dots. I’m wondering if these ladies will even need 11 weeks to finish. If they do, I think the Dots will get them there. Any longer than that and it’ll have to be water-only to see what happens.


I’m thinking those dots are a pretty good product during veg. The true test will be how it does when in flower. I’m rooting for the dots!! Happy Growing :blush::v:


:point_up::point_up::point_up:yuuuuuup. So far looking great tho!!!


They look to be holding their own very well!


Still pulling ahead eh?
Allow me to be the first to say - dots incredible!! :laughing:


It is with a heavy heart I report the Grow Dots vs No Dots experiment has been brought to an end. The strange curly shaped stem of No Dots which I buried long ago was apparently still strange and curly with no additional roots under the surface of the coco. Today I noticed she seemed unsteady and when I pulled her from the tent for watering, she came completely detached.

I repaired with duct tape and buried her stem deep in the coco, but I no longer feel this will be a scientific comparison as No Dots will likely struggle to recover from a complete detachment.


RIP curly stem


Ooooofff man that sucks!! Would you be able to snip the branches and turn them all into clones?


I thinks Dots mighta had something to do with No Dots untimely demise… :thinking: :face_with_monocle: :female_detective: :male_detective:


They’re autoflowers, so unfortunately no. What’s done is done - that’s alright. I’ll keep posting up Grow Dots as she progresses, and of course No Dots if she survives with the duct tape.


I had one do that awhile back but it didn’t break off I had to support it while it was growing but when I took out the roots it looked almost exactly like that. I just started using rapid rooters so I blamed it on the rooter staying to wet and almost damping it off. Do you use rapid rooters or something similar? :thinking:


Can’t like that. Looks like it choked itself off. Just picked some up and will experiment with then on next grow


Dang that sucks. Sorry for the loss. If you get to start another one soon tag me in it! It’s really hard to tell now if the Grow Dots was really outperforming the no dots, if she was strangling herself like that. Or maybe she saw how much better the Grow Dots were doing and said fxxx it all.


I’m so convinced that’s what happened. She was fine and then realized it was a fruitless endeavor. :joy::rofl:

Thanks @BobbyDigital I look forward to seeing what a pro can do with them. I’ll be re-starting the experiment here shortly. I have a 3 pack of autoflowers in my mailbox at work, I’m gonna drop all 3 and the best two are gonna get Grow Dot/No Dot treatment. The third one will be for a solo cup challenge.

I actually stopped using rapid rooters because they did appear to shrink so much when they dried out completely. I use rockwool, which doesn’t seem to change much between wet and dry. In fact the little stump that was below where it snapped off seemed in great health. I think she just grew too much weight sideways. :grimacing:

You may be right… :male_detective: but I think @Borderryan22 is right. It was self-inflicted.


Lol, I’m no pro. I’m learning and evolving just like everyone else here.


Here’s the one I was talking about it ended up being a decent plant but started out very slow, it probably happened right away when it was younger


tag me in for that too @BobbyDigital
:alien: Happy Growing