Jack’s 321 nutrients

I’m wondering if this is the correct pack to get if I decide to go with jack’s 321 on my next grow. And also if this is the correct pack how many grows/plants does this Usually last for? Thanks In advance for any help.

You don’t need all of that stuff. All you really need is Part A (5-12-26,) Part B (15-0-0,) and Epsom salt.


@MidwestGuy ok thank you greatly appreciate it

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Pick up the epsom from the grocery store. Much cheaper.


Yes. Be sure to get pure Epsom. A lot of Epsom products also contain colors, fragrances, and so on.


Midwest is right. This is all I use.
And as stated epsom from the store like walmart is fine. Dont get a scented one…just the cheap stuff.
Only ingredient will be Magnesium Sulfate.


The amounts you’ll use very greatly depending on which medium. Less in soil than coco or hydro.

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@Underthestairs you just read my mind I was just about to ask what medium do I have to use for this product. Or does it even matter because as a beginner i was told just to use soil. From our grow store it’s easier on a beginner. Thanks again


I think coco and Jack’s 321 is probably the easiest thing you can possibly use, and had great results.

More work, feeding every day. But I’m a huge fan


you can buy smaller premade kits from amazon and ebay

You sure the ‘fix all’ CalMag is not needed lol??:grinning:


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@MidwestGuy Even someone with my limited exposure to the class can recognize a knee jerk trend lol


It doesn’t happen here nearly as much as it does on other forums. There are some really good growers here who keep things in line for the most part.


I think telling a new grower to use soil is bad advice or the advice of someone that wants to sell you some stuff and some more stuff to fix the stuff that happens because of the other stuff causing problems $$$$$$$$$$