Jack Herrer auto issue

So, the below photo shows 4 Jack Herrer autos. They are almost 3 weeks old. All were planted in Ocean Forest. All are watered the same amount at the same time. Notice the lower right plant. It seems to be yellowing a bit. The first single leaves turned almost white. Otherwise seems healthy. Any ideas if there’s a problem? Thanks in advance!

Ive never seen deficiency of that shade but that looks like sulphur deficiency on the chart which I heard is rare but an easy cure is Epsom salt I’d dissolve a teaspoon in each gallon for a couple of waterings( my second guess would be cal mag and that would also add a lot of mag)

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Thanks for the response. How would one plant be deficient and the others are just fine? Again, it’s the same Ocean Forest soil…

I think I the tips are a good indication of what she might be experiencing which is prob hot soil. Not sure of the deficiency either but I’d wager shed grow out of it. Prob just more sensitive than the others.

Definitely a possibility. We’ve had some fairly hot weather for April, mid to upper 80’s. I tried to limit outside exposure to 2-4 hours before they went back inside under an LED light. Fingers crossed! Thanks.

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When I say hot soil I’m referring to the type of nutrients in it being hot to the roots…kinda like when u order a drink and the bartender is tryna look out but they add like 100% liquor. Sure you drink it but you’re also like :grimacing::grimacing: I really just wanted a tasty drink not a 4 day hangover :rofl: as she grows she should adjust. Keep an eye on her.

Aaaah. Is Ocean Forest known to be hot? All the others (3 Jack Herrer autos, 3 WW autos, and 2 Goldleaf fems) look great.

I don’t have any experience with FF it but I’ve been seeing statements about it being hot a lot.

@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 are a wealth of knowledge they might can help.

Yes; more of a problem with autos than photos but be leery of planting any seedlings in it.

I’ve grown in FFOF many times and it’s good stuff. But you will have to supplement at some point. The PH tends to drop in mid-flower but that usually doesn’t cause issues.

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I don’t really care for it personally. Bought it back in the day when it seemed like less was available. Took a break for a while, and decided to try roots organics. Not sure it is best stuff out there, but their original blend seems a lot more flexible at pretty reasonable price.

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I guess I’ve been lucky. Never an issue until this one. I noticed on Amazon FFOF sells for $35. I pay $18 at my local store…If I were to mix it with “regular” potting soil, would that cool it down? My plan is to put all the autos in the ground (there’s a mix of existing dirt, FFOF and Happy Frog conditioner). I just bought 5- 10 gal. cloth pots to try out for the photos. Everybody will be outside. I need to do more research on coco. It seems to be popular. Thanks!

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Yup, Amazon is pretty much ripoff taking advantage of those too lazy, not smart enough, or don’t have local shop. They charge $50 for bag of coco I can buy at 3 different places for $23 or less.