Jack Herer: This strain is supposed to lean towards "energizing, creative, day-timey, fun", right?

I was thinking of buying some Jack Herer auto seeds, so I tried some Jack from the local dispensary. Unless the dispensary mislabeled this item, it feels heavily Indica, both in my body and mind. No energy, no creativity, no focus, no euphoria, but plenty of yawning. It’s nice and I really like Indicas, but this wasn’t supposed to happen, LOL. I understand that weed affects folks differently, but again, hmmmm.

So, I’d like to hear how Jack Herer treats you guys and gals, and if Jack has ever only made you very sleepy.

The real Jack has a piney, spicy taste with a high that creeps up on you. This strain causes anxiety in many including me. Buds should be mostly orange with yellow and green mixed in.

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This Jack smells and tastes very earthy and is mostly green … kinda looks like my first grow. :rofl: I took one hit at 392F on my dry herb vaporizer and then a very small hit. Sometimes I do 392F and I know that it can create a stronger buzz, but the 1.5 hits is usual for me at that temp. Still, some Sativa “should” have kicked in, but nope. Next time I try it, I’ll do my more typical 356F to see what that does.

The other day, I called the dispensary and asked “isn’t this supposed to be more energizing”, just in the off-chance that they might have mislabeled this item or something (and would admit it). Nope, I was told that mj effects everyone differently (duh, but I didn’t say that) and that can happen if someone smokes the whole joint (duh, but I didn’t say that), even after I told her the small amount I vaped. Well, I understand, they have their standard things they have to say.

I’ve had Jack that the dispensary labeled indica also. Had me questioning their validity. Wasn’t anything special. Real Jack Herer is hard to find and doesn’t last long on shelves

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Interesting, as I was a bit surprised to see it, too. I was also surprised that they had 1/8ths of Durban Poison, on sale for $20. I almost picked that up, but it’s gone now. At this point, though … just not so sure, LOL.

Heavy pine smell and spice thrown in. Good time for the Holidaze.