Jack herer seedlings with purple stems is that normal?

Tent grow in FF happy frog, distilled water with seaweed extract and Urb (2ml and 1ml per quart respectively ph @ 6.8). Leaves seem to be a nice deep green and growth rate seems normal. Should I be concerned, and if so what can I do to get “off the ledge” lol.

Thanks for your kind and helpful consideration!!!


You should always be worried LOL. It doesn’t sound like you are having any problems. Why not put some pics up so everyone can take a look. Also Welcome to ILGM forum


@Bulldognuts agree on a lot of things but I will have to diverge a little here. I would classify the attention as being vigilant not worried. If I had to worry about my grow all the time I don’t know if this would be a hobby of mine. We do need some pictures to better help with your question. Also, please take a minute to tell us about your set up by filling out the information below.

Welcome to the group.

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I was making a bad joke. I’m with you on not being to obsessive. You can probably do more damage than good constantly worrying about plants.


Fox farm soil is a little hot just water for awhile and work on getting the ph to 6.5ph and then when go into flower it should go more smoothly and if it’s all fox farm soil it should take you all the way to flower with light feeding i feed at 100% and had alot of issues going into flower and nitrogen claws for fan leaves and i would flush before going to flower it was alot better when I did that now i use pro mix vegetable and herb mix soil

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That’s Fox Farms Ocean Forest you are thinking of. This person is using Fox Farms Happy Frog, which is a medium-nutrient soil. I wouldn’t expect it to carry you all the way into flower in most cases.

To the original poster - I’m curious as to your actual strain, as there are several Jack Herer “tribute” strains out there that have purple (Purple Kush, Purple Haze) strains in them. The real Jack Herer from Sensi does not.
The main takeaway is, though - lots of plants produce red or purple petioles through genetics. Sometimes it happens because of cold temperatures. The only time there is probably a real concern is if it happens because you have a phosporus deficiency during flower, which is not typical. As long as your leaves look healthy, I would not worry.

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I love this…Aren’t we all in this state of mind.

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not unusual to see “colored” stems…especially in colder temps.
not a cause for worry.

Yes sorry i was thinking fox farm ocean forest soil my bad

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Good point…concerned not obsessed should maybe be a new mantra. I will look to postpics tomorrow FWIW. Thanks for everybodys thoughts!


What part are you in of growing? If you are entering flower or in flower it can mean a slight P deficiency. Or it can be genetics. Keep a eye on your pH. 6.5 is best for P intake and that your ppms are where they need to be.