Jack Herer Next grow


Planning my next round of plants and leaning towards the JH fem. any input on these would be great based on experience. From what I read, they are easy to grow and pretty forgiving for a novice.


Jack has always been my favorite strain. I’m currently working on my 2nd round of the autos. These need a bit of work to maximize the yield but photos will obviously produce much more.


As far as difficulty in growing how would you rate it.


I’ve done JH photos and they are like growing a White Widow. Fairly high yield, not the hugest colas, nice rosemary overtones and moderate strength. Flowering is 65 days IIRC.


Thanks for the info. You guys are very helpful.


I am growing a JH auto right now and while it’s a sample size of one, she has been very slow to grow. I’m three weeks in and this is all she has going on:

Considering she’s an auto, I have very low expectations for any yield. I’m probably a week out from her going to flower. Grown in FFOF soil, 3 gallon fabric pot. I even fed her some nutes last week thinking that maybe my drip irrigation was flushing out the soil. Possibly just the one seed, but I figured I’d share my experience here.


Grow journal?