Jack Herer growth time

What is the flowering time for Jack Herer- I’m growing indoors hydroponically

Indoors is 8-10 weeks flowering time

To be exact indoor is 60 day flower time so inbetween 8-9 weeks (56-63 days) as 60 days would be 4 days past 8 weeks

It’s a sativa dominate hybrid so it will take 9 week’s + but not 10 weeks

I have had experience with that strain before, sorry but id still stick with 60 days as that is 3 days short of 9 weeks

Then again I see where you coming from it could depend on phenotypes as different phenos flower different with different flower times by maybe 3-7 days

I just happen to be growing this strain between 8-10 weeks flower but is a fast grower and stretches 3-4 times in flower so flip your lights with that in mind

So I’m in the right-ish on the time frame for flowering lol

Nothing is set in stone with the flowering days, it has a lot to do with your set up. In my experience, which in not a lot.

sorry to bring up an old post but have been looking for any info on the Jack herer—so I am growing several strains in promix- my Jack herer was the first to sprout but it is the smallest by far and very slow growing… its in week 5 and like half the size of my 4 week old afghan and blue dream - is this normally a slower growing plant? i had high hopes for this and my gold leaf that also seems slower growing… everyone here is getting a general Hydroponics 3 part with cal mag ( 1/2 strength ) color looks good nothing obviously wrong with it just slooooow growing - suggestions or its just the way it grows…

Usually 9-11 weeks

They are Sativa dominant so tend to start slow but their stretch and growth during flower is crazy I flipped mine at around 18" they ended at almost 6’ tall even after bending and training so I wouldn’t worry much that they are smaller than your other plants. They won’t stay that way


Thanks Donaldj Thats exactly what i was hoping for. thanks for reading my question :slight_smile: appreciate that