Jack Herer Grow

Hi I’m growing in soil in 2x2 Tent under 135 watts of led from wall. 3 plants mainling ( first time) at mainling.I haven’t grown since 2008, I used a 400&a250 Hps. Anyway I plan on another 135 watt light to flower.Im wondering how the stretch is on the Jack Herer(seeds bought here)under leds.I flowered one bag seed plant under the one led and buds were right around 12" long.I have a pick somewhere I’ll try to upload it, thanks for any feedback.


Looking great @Ronbowe63
Nice job bro woohoo
And welcome to the forum the friendliest and best forum
Keep up the good work :+1: CB :v:

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I’ve never grown JH but interested for sure. Best of luck @Ronbowe63

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Thanks guys. I topped all plants for 8 mains they are only about 1-4 inches long at the moment I’ll post more soon


@Ronbowe63 looking great! Welcome to the forum! I have never grown this strain, but I’ve examined it a few times for consideration. I’ll be following along. Appreciate the pics, keep them coming! Happy growing!

I haven’t got any picks of the jack yet but will post some soon. Happy Growing!!


I’m new to this posting pic thing there are 3 plants all Jack Herer from ILGM.I plan on repotting up to 5 gal buckets soon. I hope I’m doing ok one this mainling thing I got a good feeling about it.Any feedback would be great.

Looking good @Ronbowe63. I’m running a J.H. in coco right now but I’m behind you by a month.

My friendis410 what have you got for a set up and how many plants?Also what size pots?


Plants looking good!

I’ve heard mainlining used before- can you explain exactly what that is?

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It’s my first time mainling but all colas get the same amount of nutes because they are all the same distance to the roots also makes for a nice even canopy.I know very little but going to give it a good shot.Nugbucket is the master you just have to google mainling.

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You’ve got some good looking plants! Welcome to forum!


Just read up on the mainlining technique. Looks super awesome! Please let me know how it progresses. I might have to try that on my next grow.

@Ray4x I will let you know I’m running weak leds so not sure what I’m going to get but Im sure it’s going to be nice.

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Ray4x@ I got an update sorry for not posting more I think it’s pretty boring until flowering. Anyway got another led light witch was supposed to be the same but it has lots more yellow/white light not like the heavy blue and red like the other I’m ok with that because it gives me a better spectrum.So I transplanted the girls on 10/3 into 5 gal buckets well one in like 4.5 gal.Now my problem is the roots are already coming out the bottom in 7days! I planed on going to 12/12 on the 18th do you think I have to gave the roots more room? I can set those pots in some other pots to give me about another 1-2 gal on soil. My only problem with doing this is I couldn’t get the same soil,which I don’t really like and I have no perlite to add to it to make it more airy it’s kind of muddy if you no what I mean.So any and all feedback welcome. I guess my biggest issue right now is money, fixed income bought new light and nutes this month now can’t even afford perlite.


Wow 7 days she’s on a roll !!! They look nice and healthy. Sorry other than potting up, you could put the pot up on something so the roots are essentially air pruned that might work @Ronbowe63

Sorry, just saw this.

My journal is under: My Journal Started Out One Way and Went Off the Rails.

You might want to pot up again. FYI some holes up the sides would be beneficial to the plants as well.

Mug-bug@. Myftiendis420@. Thanks for the replies,the root growth on these is incredible.Someone else on here says he got a 34”” stretch on his so it getting time to flip. Took some cutting yesterday so most likely going to pot up today and FLOWER in two days. I’ll get some better pics of plants and show the difference in my new light. I’m going to smoke right Now.PS Overgrow the world!!

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I got a question.How do I tag people in my post without haveing to write there name down and an @ after it? I use an I- phone, thanks in advance.