Jack Herer Fem balcony

Seed was germinated using wet tissue method and placed in a Rapid Rooter.
Medium is perlite and hydroton only in a 15L pot.
Currently being fed once a day (150ml) using 80% strength Micro/Grow/Bloom nutes.
2ml Micro + 2ml Grow + 2ml Bloom for every 1 liter of RO water
It’s currently placed 1.5 feet under a 50W 5000 Lumen 6500K LED in a 18/6 cycle.
The plant has 8 feet of vertical space and the plan is to add a ViparSpectra 300 for flowering.
The hope is to supplement the sunlight with 5500K and 2700K lamps.

She grew lanky in Week 1 and had to be repotted to support her length and this slowed down a week of growing.
This is her, in Week 4 from seed -

  1. What should my feeding schedule be?
  2. Do I need to feed some potassium silicate, the stem seems fatter at the top than the bottom?
  3. How soon should I move to a 12/12 cycle?

You shouldn’t feed until those two bottom round leaves yellow and die. Then your feeding schedule will depend on the nutrients that you use growing in that medium to me is a passive hydro so I would feed every time I watered, but that’s just my prefrence.
2 place a fan slightly giving her a breeze that will help strengthen and fatten up that stem
3 when you flip to 12/12 is completely up to you. Most people usually go no less than 4 weeks of veg all the way up to years, but most generally between 6 to 8 weeks she will be mature enough to probably show you her sex. A good rule of thumb is transition into 12/12 at half the size of the plant you want to end up with as most generally they will stretch to almost double their size.
Hope this helps, if you have any more questions you can tag me or anyone else by putting the @ symbol in front of our user name so mine would be


@Sirsmokes Thank you for chiming in, I appreciate it.

So I should’ve waited until the cotyledon fell off? :frowning: In my case that would’ve meant 4 weeks with zero nutrients and just water, hmm would that long be okay?
The plant is under light to moderate breeze (monsoon winds around), I’ll add a fan, cheers, this does help.
In fact the winds pushed a lanky Purple bud seedling over and killed it a few weeks ago.

In the past, the tendency was to overfeed and overwater but hard lessons were learnt on reading plant leaves for feedback. Currently, if the perlite feels damp 1 inch under the surface, I do not water/feed.
My nute mfr suggests the same strength/dilution as GH and when all mixed the nutrient solution has a pH close to 7.

The pot has multiple holes at the bottom, so it drains out in minutes.
I use an aerosol feeder and gently spray the top of the plant and perlite.

I was going to up the nutes seeing all the new leaf growth, does this feeding schedule look okay for 18/6 in Week 5:

  • 4ml Micro + 4ml Grow + 4ml Bloom for every 1 liter of RO water
  • 30-50ml two to three times a day

RH is typical for this time of the year - between 70-80% (and out of my control) :slight_smile:
It should go up to 80-90% this month and the next as monsoon peaks.

Normal for lower section of seedling to be thin at first. Support would not hurt. Bamboos ziz kabob sticks and pipe cleaners work well.
Might feed at least twice daily: first light and then halfway tru the light period.
12/12 is up to you and the plant. But most will start as plant is around 12" tall as it will double in height before “setting” into final height. Your one plant is too small to flower yet.
Looks pretty healthy…good luck

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@Sirsmokes, what are you referring to as the first round leaves? You mean the first true single finger leaves or the false veinless leaves that are actually just the two seed halves?

@tanlover442 How much to feed, 150 ml split over two times? Or 300ml?
I’ll start looking for supports and 12" looks like it’ll be another four weeks before flowering.

No rush, haven’t figured out which flowering light yet.

jackherer…suggest you try the 300 ml x 2. for a few days… if you see curling leaves, brown spots…dilute the nutes. Your Ladies will decide what works best…you just have to watch n respond as they want.


Sounds good, will up the nutes to 5ml/1L (pH is now 6-ish) and monitor everyday.
It sure looks like she could eat more with each passing day -

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The 2 feeder leaves, the first round 2 little leavessel that your 1st single finger leaves start in between

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@Sirsmokes @tanlover442 Upped nutes to 5ml/1L and fed 300ml twice a day for two days now. It’s grown, one of the top leaves is almost as big as my thumb and shows no sign of nutrient burn so far. There’s now an oscillating fan agitating the leaves 4 hours/day.
The cotyledons are starting to brown and the nodes which were bunched together at first have spaced out.
These were taken after watering

At how many weeks can we start to identify which of the four JH phenotypes this might be?

When to go to 12/12 is up to you and the Lady. If you want to keep her shorter than 5’ now would be the time to cut lights back. Have you considered topping a few times? If height is not a problem…let it go 3 oe 4 more sets of leaves.
*your feeding is showing good results. However, most feeding schedules…have more of the first nute part 1 for the first 4/5 weeks, after that the higher dosage will shift to the growing nute part 2 and a little more part 3–bloom. After you go to 12/12… back off the first part nute 1 and concentrate on part 2 n 3.
Since now you are feeding for growth(the stretch) and buds(bloom).
Your quick drain off is a good thing, however, the plant could use an occasional “just water” dash to keep things flowing. This would an extra item in addition to the regular feedings.

You might invest in a “Good Book” to show you options and variables that might be of interest.

I’m not real sure a lot of the plants I have grown will display one pheno in veg then look completely different in flower for example my wwa always starts out with broad indicated leaves then once she hit flower the satins side really started to show. For that matter some phenos will not show until the final weeKS ie. Color so you will see all the different types if growing hybrids of indica/sativa. I mat have my leaves backwards aND I really don’t feel like looking right now just got off work and put a blackberry Kush joint out. But you get the point

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@tanlover442 is correct tho if height is a issue I would top or fim, lots more bud sites. And you were worried about the spacing of nodes at the start… you want the nodes to be compact as possibe wit as little stretch you can manage without burning the plant with your lights. If you grow a tall plant from stretching it before you flower it by keeping your lights to far away then you loose bud sites. More nodes more buds. Then when you flip to your 12/12 cycle your stretch will give you the room between the nodes that you are looking for.
You can have a main stem with small buds going up the side or you can have a 12" cola. Neither way is wrong I might add just depends on how your looking to grow and what you are looking to yeild off of a plant

@tanlover442 @Sirsmokes Is this nutrient burn? It seems to have affected two of the lower leaves but the leaves on top show no such signs.

Should I just use plain water for a few days or drop down the nute concentration?
Also the top of the perlite has this weird green color which may be from the nutes, or is it algae-like?

I’m not sure about the green I would scoop that out myself and get fresh unless it’s from your nutrients. Now that may be a little burn but you are not shosing anything on your upper so I’m gonna say those leaves are just tired and dieing I wouldn’t be to concerned as long as your new growth starts getting affected or the yellowing continues up the plant. The one thing I am going to say is have you checked your ph? 2- have you calibrated your ph meter. When feeding nutrients are you ph your water after you put your nutrients in as the nutrients will more than likely lower your ph some anyways. And if you are using tap water cit water its important to let the water gas off by leaving a bucket of water out for 24 to 48 hrs before you use. Hope this helps if you have any more questions just tag me

Thanks @Sirsmokes I’ll scoop it out and replace it with fresh perlite when I repot before flowering. I’ll check the pH again when I feed, but it was 6-ish going in and runoff was 6-ish too, I use pH paper not a pen so do not have decimal point accuracy. The water used is RO and not from the tap.

If you are using ro the best advise I can give you is get some calmag. That and amazon has these cheap ph pens I really suggest you get one. I got a ph pen and tds meter together for less than $20 and I paid 12 for a bottle of 7.0 refrence solution to calibrate pen but have only had to adjust it a couple of times. I started using Advanced nutrients pH perfect nutrients so I put it away for 3 or 4 months mabe a little longer and got it back out and boom it was right on

@Sirsmokes I’m unable to change the nute strength or acquire Cal-Mag for the next few weeks.

3 of the lowest leaf nodes are still yellowing, almost browning and drooping.
Some of the leaves are showing this weird scarring, is this a disease?

@tanlover442 The top looks rather happy, so not sure what to make of the plant’s state.

Given that there are some insects and pests around, I was thinking of starting to spray neem oil as a preventative measure once a week… thoughts?

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Ok any damage done will not correct itself. As long as your new growth is good and healthy and the yellowing has stopped then you have probably got a handle on the situation

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@Sirsmokes What is this damage from?