Jack Herer Autos indoor

Hey guys,
I have four Jack Herer autoflowering plants in my grow room.
All are getting the same conditions etc. but they are all so different in height.
One is 14 inches high, one is 8 inches, one is 6 inches and one is 4 inches high !!
They all sprouted on the same day and are currently 5 weeks old since sprouting.
Any clues as to why there is such a difference?

Just like twin babies some are identical and some are not each plant has its own genetics I have two amnesia haze auto going and there is a 6” difference between them many ways to keep even with auto I would lst to keep the same height


@Jackyboy Here’s pic of my 2 JH autos. Huge difference. They were raised under identical conditions.

how old are they Gonefission?

The two JH I grew one was short and bushy other one was tall and skinny. I did not top because of Autos short veg time . At the end I was happy with both.

@Jackyboy The runt is 58 days from sprout and the big gal is 54 days from sprout.