Jack Herer autos flowering too early

From a fellow grower: I bought 10 of your JH autos and there is clearly two phenotypes and these are fast flowering. Both not documented. So these autos are flowering at day 22-23 from watering. All of them! So no experienced grower would be on the right cycle for B vitamins hindering flowering when they actually stop growing height at day 17 from planting!

Yesterday at 9:15 PM

  • Strain: JH AUTO

  • Type (fem/auto/reg): AUTO

  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): 68 Lights off - 78 Lights On

  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): Fox Farm SOIL 3.5G bucket

  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: 5.98PH all the time because Advanced Nutrients Base A+B and B52 only.

  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): @ 50% (Running Advanced Nutrients @ 8ML)

  • Light type & schedule: 315 LEC 18 HRS on / 6 HRS off in a Gorilla Grow Tent (High end tent)

  • Temperatures day & night: 78-81 day, 68-70 night

  • Humidity day & night: Dehumidifier set to 55% during VEG and 45% during FLOWER

  • Ventilation: 2.5times airflow @ 80% on a 193CF per Minute exhaust fan

  • AC:

  • Humidifier: NO

  • De-humidifier: 45% during flower, 55% during VEG

  • Co2: NO

  • The plants started to FLOWER on DAY 22 (this is an issue, why so soon - they are BABIES and SMALL with VERY LITTLE anything) and grew to 12"

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I have had several autos start to flower at the three week mark. Its not uncommon.
Its why I plant them in their final pot as a seed so transplanting does not slow them.
Autos grow on their own timing and no breeder can control exactly how long veg lasts on autos.
Cannabis genetics is quite random and thats why the plant has thrived for thousands of years as overall its so adaptable.
That said, even if they start to flower at three weeks they can still grow quite large with good care. You can expect you have 8 to 12 weeks or even longer still.


What does that mean exactly? How old are they since the time they sprouted as seeds? 3-4 weeks before flowering is common, no?

Very common. My autos seem to start flowering 3 to 5 weeks after they pop out the ground.


Yup Autos do what they want. Sorry but nothing you can do to trick em back into veg. Just keep em happy and try to maximize the flowering window


I read somewhere on a thread that when the roots touch the bottom of your pot it will trigger flowering

I gave 2 Jack Herer autos (planted at the same time) growing now they both started flowering at 3-4 weeks after sprouting. 1 is 38 inches tall the other is 25 inches tall.


As of this am, my two JH autoflowers are in day 89 of their grow. I expect to harvest in two weeks or sooner (microscope pics will determine). :thinking: :zipper_mouth_face:

Nevertheless, my two JH’s look completely different. One looks GREAT with a primary cola 9" long, 4" wide at the base, a large secondary cola and numerous buds.

The other looks so bizarre we call her “alien”.

Both seeds came from the same source, just slightly different genetics. Part of the fun of growing.

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I’ve got 5 GSE autos, 2 started to flower week 4, 2 on week 5/6 and have one hitting day 50 just starting to stretch.

They seem to have a mind of their own.

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Nope. Lights on 12-12 trigger flowering. Actually i like my roots to wrap the bottom of the cup/pot before uppoting. Helps keep dirt together when transplanting.