Jack Herer Autoflower - Am I close?

good to know thanks
I have a 4x8x5’ high covered bed waiting for them. wanting 8 for the space

Nice! Yeah I have an old Jewelers loupe 10x nice glass good optics. Added a 30x/60x but optics are plastic… Nice job there :grin:

I used the Jack Herer Autoflower. It is about 4 feet tall. I started 4 and 3 germinated. No issues at all other than the issues I have caused. I am watching a pot boil! I used a pot for pot on two of them. I used a regular gallon pot on one. The gallon one is only about a foot and the other two are four feet tall. Clearly the pot for pot made a difference in the growth. My first go-around I used Blue Healer Fem Seeds that I picked up in CO. They are tiny and I might get an ounce out of three plants. To be fair I did not use Pot for Pot but still they are not so great. I will only do autoflower in the future with a pot for pot. I just do not have a green thumb plus I am way too impatient.

Thanks for replying. A couple of questions if you don’t mind.
I am not familiar with apotforpot - I assume it is a packaged grow kit
Are the 4’ Jacks ILGM seeds? - ILGM describes them as compact. I think 4" is a little taller than compact. Did they really stretch during flower?
I know the size can get pushed if fertilizers and nutrients are maxed out. I screwed up the application rates on White Widow autos and they got HUGE.
The size and type of grow container certainly makes a difference too. I use 3 and 5 gallon fabric pots. They require more frequent watering but in the end the root fills the bag.
Anyway like to see a pic of the entire plant.
PS your thumb will turn green with experience and you will be able to duplicate what you get in the kit by checking out a garden center, ag supply and of course the internet

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