Jack herer auto my first grow

Today these girls are 37 days from breaking soil.This is my first grow so I don’t know if they look healthy. This grow is in a mother earth terracraft and happy frog soil mix with a little extra perlite. I think i could have done better with the soil may have stunted them at first with too much light.Im using…organic liquid fertilizer from general organics …using the root grow and bloom. In my other grows im getting into super soil. Im using nls auto mix with critical mass autos and using earth dust concentrate on my photos i have going which will be blue cookies and super skunk. For now im posting pics of the jacks let me know what anyone thinks and what you guys know about the GO line, Natures living soil, and earth dust whos used them and what results?


They look happy n healthy to me keep up with what you’re doing they like it

Thanks its awesome to have someone tell me that. I assumed they were healthy…haven’t had any issues except maybe soil could have been better and think I could could have fed them wven more…but i keep hearing not to top or stress autos and I did anyway due to what I’ve learned…I don’t really know how much to expect to yield they still have 30 days ruffly …or longer cuz im sure seed company cant know exactly .thanks again

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