Jack Herer Auto in flower

Can someone tell me what’s going on with this plant? It was planted on June 27th, looking at the trichomes Summer clear summer cloudy summer Amber one side of the plant is green at the bottom the other side is dry brittle and brown the top all-around is dry and brittle and brown I’m not sure if it’s ready to harvest or what’s going on

Pics please.

I knew i left out something, thanks

Either those buds are over ripe, or you got bud rot going on. If it’s bud rot, the whole plant is lost

How do you tell? Trichomes are starting to get milky. I have been flushing for 6 days now. this was planed June 26th. 9-10 weeks old?

Just from the picture, the brown color all over the bud

what causes Bud rot?

Too high humidity is normally the culprit

That room is never above 50% usually in the low 40s. I dont understand

Squeeze a brown area on a bud. If it crushes with no problem, it’s bud rot and the whole plant is lost

Kinda looks like the leaves are fried I still see tons of white pistols, only brown I see is leaf material

Your not even 5 weeks into flower and looks like either a major toxicity or burnt or your ph ran off for a cpl weeks, do you check your runoff

prior to a week ago, plant was getting 1000-1150 ppm of Nova Bloom. All I see too is the leaves fried. I checked the buds and the dont crush, kinda fluffy. This plant is under t5 4ft 8 bulb and not directly either. off in the corner. Could this be from flushing too early and the plant sucking all the nutes from were ever it can frying the leaves?

Every other plant is green healthy just vegging while i find room in flower space.

That’s what it looks like and unfortunately looks too far to save, but you can pull any brown leave you find leave only green and try to hit it with nutrients or let it go as far as it can on its own

But a week should just have them yellowing tho something else has to be going on for the quick burn have you grabbed a runoff reading ph and ppm?
Did you do a flush or just stop feeding
Has it seemed that the bud production has stalled

Yeah I just mixed up some 500 PPM Bloom and gave it about a cup. She was beautiful a week ago so. It’s just hard to tell when those autoflowers are ready I’m not as experienced with them as others

Since Monday I have given only water that’s what I interpreted as Flushing, clearing all the nutrients out so the product would be cleaner. So yes only water for the last 6 days

Don’t most growers wait until the final 2 weeks to flush?? Also, test the ph and ppm of the run off ASAP. It will give you a more complete picture of what is going on. You may need to chop them early to save what you can. I’m a noob too so others may know better.

Are you pHing your water??

This may be a really stupid question but could something be leaching from the yellow pole holding up the plant?? Not sure what it’s made of or coated with, but if it was used before or has caustic coating, ut could be breaking down and contaminating your soil. Just an idea I thought I’d throw out there. Sorry if it sounds dumb.

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