Jack Herer Auto-Flower Soiless Fox Farm

Hey All,
Recently bought some Jack Herer autoflower from Robert Bergman, so I figured Id join the forum and post my grow. Its my first grow in about 8 years, however my first grow 8 years ago was in a closet with no ventilation, I used the wrong soil from the start and let the temps get way to high so it wasnt very successful… Then I got an electrical bill for around 500 dollars from using a 400watt HPS/MH Light so decided to just give up.

Fast forward now i have my own place and recently built a stealth grow box that looks like a dresser that has a 30" x 36" Vivosun Grow Tent Inside and is fully ventilated to the outside with fresh air-conditioned air being pumped in by two inline duct fans and out by a Carbon Filter. Temperatures never get higher than 82 degrees when lights are on and stay around 74 with lights off… Humidity ranges between 40% and 60%. Lighting is a 450 Watt Viparspectra Full Spectrum LED Light with Veg and Bloom Switches which are on for 18hrs a day.

Im using a soilless mix from a local plant store I added extra perlite for extra drainage in 2 gallon containers. I planted the sprouts directly into their medium as read autos do not like transplanting… They popped out of the ground the next day: DAY ONE

I made the mistake of overwatering from the beginning because I thought it was a good thing to completely soak the medium at first. However i think now i should have done smaller lighter waterings when the plant is so young because it took about 2 weeks for the soil to dry out enough for me to water them again. It kind of threw off my nutrient schedule because they flowered so quickly I never really gave them any veg nutes. Ive read that this is a normal thing but i was a bit unsure because my soil had no added nutrients to start, would that later on lead to signs of nitrogen deficiencies, (Hopefully Not)

(DAY 8)

(DAY 13)

(DAY 21) Shorter one starts showing Pistils

(Day 28) Taller One Showing preflowers Shorter One flowering further develops.

(DAY 34) Taller One got too tall and needed to be tied down a little (LST) style… First time Ive ever had to do this, and I like the way it promotes growth from the lower flowers. Shorter plant is thriving and looking beautiful and is at the perfect height.

So at this point my waterings have been:
1st: PH Balanced water (No Nutrients) 8/6
2nd: PH Balanced water (1/4 tsp Big Bloom) 8/20
3rd: PH Balanced Water (1/4 tsp Tiger Bloom & Pinch of Grow Big) 9/04
4th: PH Balanced Water -Tall Plant (No Nutes) Shorter Plant (1/8tsp Open Sesame 1/2tsp Tiger Bloom) 9/09

Run Off PH levels are: Taller Plant- 6.7 Shorter Pant - 6.3

Im really happy with the grow so far and am having fun experimenting with the nutes but any advice from the gurus would be appreciated.

Only signs of deficiencies so far is that the tips are curling up just a tiny bit which is usually a sign of over nutes but I find it hard to believe thats the case here because I’ve used them so sparingly, so I’m thinking that it could have been a little heat stress from earlier in the grow before I had the ventilation system complete.
Also the very bottom level leaves are yellowing but i know that this is normal as most energy is being focused on the upper part of the plant.

So again any advice on nutrient feeding is highly appreciated. I have Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, Cha Ching, Open Sesame, and Beastie Budz. Im basically following the schedules that are out there but some recommend plain waterings in-between feedings. However Im using a soilless mix so maybe I need continuous feedings throughout the whole flowering process. I just looking for signs from them but always welcome advice from the pros!. I will keep this updated as I can.



As u said that veg time was super short. Kinda thin like (maybe genetics) and on the matter of the curling tips… may have been a nitrogen toxicity (if they curl n ‘claw’, also darker green. If the curl up that maybe heat/light stress) but u only gave a touch of grow big which I definitely would have advised. Try to watch the (N) nitrogen u put into her. Maybe she just very sensitive to it. The girls look great. Plenty of more time

Also Welcome to the forum! Awesome place to be. The welcoming committee should be along as us in the States get off work. But if u have any questions feel free to ask. Check out a few journals. N ill be over here with popcorn watching ur ladies bloom. Best of luck :facepunch:t5::+1:t5:


Its is kind of weird to that its only the taller one that is showing the signs of the curl n claw… maybe that confirms that it was the heat stress. The shorter one is looking perfect (knock on wood). I did however only use plain water on the taller plant this time and plan to give both a 1/2 dosage of bloom nutes on the next watering… maybe with another pinch of grow big if more lower leaves start to yellow, but im not sure on that yet. the shorter one has yet to be watered with just plain water since the 1st watering so i think following this next watering i will use plain water on her. But she is thriving and showing no signs of deficiencies so im torn, I definitely want to keep her happy!!

It’s good to see this journal right before I start my seed of this strain. I will go with DWC and use your growth rate for comparison for sure. Looks good. My first grow is nearly done. Have a journal up too…Delicious Blackberry 22 days flowering… needs a change that name.

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Yea dont completely stop the grow big. Tailor down slowly as u ramp up bloom. Look up your manufacturing nutrient feed chart online.

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Thanks Guys! Should I do plain water inbetween nutrient feedings or only if the show signs of over nutes… Im actually worried that im not giving them enough with it being a soiless medium but there looking pretty good so far.

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Id recommend a water between. But u could get closer to manufacturers recommendations if you are slighting them. Only the things in p-K tho. And if your nutes come with something to help them ingest it.

Edit! Ignore that message! This thread was started for fear of over feeding… take it easy champ. Dont bloat the gal

Is the medium coco or peat? Do you know? There is a specific range of PH that is recommended for each: coco is 5.5 nominal, peat is 6.5 nominal.

Also; you may want to water in smaller doses and water more frequently. Media can be kept wet but I never cared for it. I much prefer a wet to dry cycle even in soilless media. Feed, water, feed, water is fine. Also; an excess (like nute burn) could be a deficiency. They can show the same in media. It can make diagnosing an issue “sporty” lol.

Also; if you are in coco it’s recommended to flush periodically and to use cal mag if your municipal water is below 300 PPM. You may want to use it anyway…


If you’re using soil-less you’ll want to feed every time. You’ll see deficiencies in a few days if you don’t.

I’m gonna double check with the garden store but i believe its peat and it does have earthworm castings in it.


(DAY 41)

So back today after a week and the shorter one continues to thrive and flower beautifully however the taller girl just keeps growing and I have to keep tieing her down… it was fun at first but now im afraid it’s stressing her out and that’s why she’s she’s so far behind in flowering. Or else it’s because last week I watered her with only water while I gave the shorter one 1/4 strength nutes. I’m mean if I can keep her under control I think it will be a great yield but by the way she’s flowering has me second guessing it, just gonna go with the flow…

Anyway today I watered both with 1/2 tsp cal mag, 2 tsp tiger bloom and 1/4 teaspoon open sesame
PhD the water to 6.5 and the run off was 6.1 (should I be worried about this?)…

Now it’s time to sit back and watch!! Stay tuned…

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PH 6.1 is ok. I am in a peat based soil less media (Promix) and it tends to run around 6.2. That’s where I PH my water.

I notice a couple of your plants are showing a yellow tinge. I’m assuming they are the ones starting to flower. If so; it’s a bit early IMO for you to show an N deficiency and may want to add some to your feeding regimen. Not a lot but more than what they’re getting with the T. B. and O. S.

All in all they look pretty good. You will likely see the runoff PH drop as the plant runs out through the end of it’s life cycle. Stuff is breaking down in the media like old roots and such which drives the PH down.


(Day 51)

So I decided to get rid of the other plant… the bud production was just to low and the plant was just taking up too much space for my operation… Im just concentrating on giving the better one optimal living conditions…

Bud development is continuing to flourish. Pistils are about 60-70 % orange but trichomes are still mostly cloudy and clear. I was going to start flushing but based on the trichomes i fed one last time I gave: 2tbls Big Bloom, 2Tsp Tiger Bloom, 1/4Tsp Cha Ching. Phd the water to 6.4… Runoff was 6.3. Hoping this last feeding makes them swell even more and I will start flushing next watering until harvest…

Question: Roughly how long does it take for trichomes to change to amber? Should I check everyday, every few, or weekly? I like a more energetic, head high so I only want about 15-20% Amber trichomes.

Question: Should I flush with just Phd water, or I also have “General Hydroponics Flora Shield Plant Rinse” would that be better? I thought just using regular water would be best bet because it would slowly dissolve the nutes that are already in the soil so the plant can still feed some.

Question: If I do use Flora Shield do I use at recommended dosage or half strength like everything else?

I was actually thinking of just doing water and then using the Flora Shield on the final watering before harvest.

I also started another seedling and she popped out of the ground today!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned…

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Damn she looks good. Nice n frosty! :heart_eyes::drooling_face:

Answer: there’s no set time. If they are majority cloudy just watch VERY closely. Around 70% cloudy, u should check daily. And the ambers come in very fast when they start.

Semi answer: not sure on the gh flora thingy. If it came with the set and they recommend it and you know harvest is 2 weeks tops away? Id prolly hit her with it first. Then straight water til harvest. Your call tho. And ud probably want more relevant input on this one.

Another semi answer: you should have slowly rampd her meals up to full portiond servings. (At least til her tips burnd a tad) but if uve been ‘half stepping’ another minor half step wont kill her. As u said u dont want her starving the last two weeks. What kind of lights do u have btw?

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And ps. What seed did u drop?

Started my first major flush today. I phd the water to 6.4, the TDS meter read 68 PPM I used just about 1.5 gallons of water. First runoff was at 6.0ph and 532 PPM. After final flush runoff was at 6.2ph and 445 PPM. Tri chromes are just about all cloudy and she’s getting super swollen top leaves are turning reddish-purple and curling but I’m not too worried I’m thinking about one more week or so…

(DAY 71)

My light is a Viparspectra 450w LED I got it off Amazon for 117$ it’s like 3 inches from the top.
I read up more on the floor Shield and decided to not use it I’ve heard bad things about it I think it’s used more to flush or clean a hydroponic system I was blazed when I bought it. Thinking of getting sledgehammer, but don’t really think it’s necessary. Everything I read is plain water is perfect… I’m just thinking if the trichs start turning amber super quick I should have something on hand for a quick flush.

Her final height is 20.5 inches and about 13 inches width at the base

New seed is the same Jack Herer Auto… I got 10 of them gonna do’em 1 at a time as I need…

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She’s looking good. Final flushd and in the home stretch.

(Day 76)


Damn that girl looks good. Check her trichs. The time is nigh

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10/22/2018 (Day 76)
Harvest Day

After letting her sit in the dark for 36 hours I started chopping…

My Trophy

129gms Wet… I think that’s a decent yield… I think if I went stronger with the nutes earlier I would of had a better yield or maybe my lights not strong enough, but if I get this everytime ill be happily blazed!! Thanks for following and commenting!!!

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Sweet haul! Congrats on the harvest. Looks like some grade a smoke. Cant wait for the cured taste test